Small Vacation Savings that Add Up!

Vacation time is sacred, but the one thing that stops people enjoying their vacation to the fullest is money. Going on vacation can be extremely expensive, but it doesn’t have to be. Most people are more relaxed on their time off, which is why upselling in the hospitality industry can be much more successful.

If you apply a philosophy of identifying upselling and keeping your budget at the forefront of your mind, you can have a great vacation without breaking the bank. Here are some small saving tips that can add up and help you get more vacation for your dollar.

  • Bare Necessities

While you’re on vacation, you need to buy several small things to support your relaxation, like suncream, insect repellent or even everyday medication like Tylenol. The problem is, if you’re in a new place, you likely won’t know where to get the best deals and which products you should buy, especially if you are in a country that doesn’t accommodate for your language.

If you’re heading to a resort or hotel, this is a necessity as item prices can be jacked up because they have a captive market. The same price hike that minibars are famous for can be applied to disposable cameras, swim-shorts and more. For these reasons, save a little by buying your necessities before you leave for vacation. If you are unable to due to size limits on bags, you should plan ahead and look for discount stores online first and plan a route from the airport that includes buying the essentials for cheap.

  • Think of How You’ll Get to the Airport

Public transport or taxicabs are commonly used to get to and from the airport, but these can be expensive, especially if you’re taking your whole family on vacation. Instead of these, drive to the airport and use a savings solution like ParkON airport parking to cut the cost of expensive parking.

  • Rent Instead of Using Hotels

Probably the single biggest cost-reduction you could use would be to rent a condo or a whole home on a platform like Airbnb or instead of a hotel. Hotels are expensive and almost always have no options to cook for yourself, forcing you to eat out the whole time (the costs of which can add up big-time).

  • Plan Activities Around Resources at Your Disposal

If you are renting a condo with access to a pool, you have the opportunity to turn that into a free activity that will entertain the family as a break from going to attractions. Be creative and invent swimming or diving competitions to keep the kids occupied. If you’re near a beach, pack some lunches and spend a day there as another free activity. It’s worth searching online for free attractions too; many locations have beautiful pieces of architecture or historical buildings that can be visited and enjoyed at absolutely no cost. You can plan your vacation around extraordinary places that can keep you captivated endlessly and are often free.

Incorporating these savings trips into your next vacation can save you a lot of money. Taking a couple days away from attractions can likely save hundreds of dollars, as will opting for a rental instead of a hotel. Remember that every little bit helps and try to keep track of all your purchases if possible.

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