Should you consider dating when you’re abroad?

Traveling is great, there is no doubt about it, but it is the sort of great that can either make or break someone. What we mean by that is that you can equally have a superb time as well as a very bad one. It all depends on the choices you make, the money you have, and sometimes it is all down to sheer luck or the lack of it. But other times, it all comes down to the company you have around you. Sure being on holiday with your spouse or partner is great, but what about those of us who are traveling alone? Is it time for a holiday romance, or should we be careful with respecting the local traditions and not getting in trouble? Ultimately, it all lies somewhere in the middle…

Let’s talk about dating abroad… because it is worth mentioning that you can’t always behave the same way as you do in your own country. Different places in the world have different rules, different laws, and different attitudes towards dating. Simply coming to a country and stealing there men or women isn’t something that always sinks well with the locals. So one bit of advice would be to read and study about the dating customs of the places you’re traveling to, and their attitudes towards sex too. Once you have understood the rules and the playing field that lies ahead of your travels, then you will be able to meet with potential lovers without offending or attracting ill-attention from the local population.

Technology is a life saviour… especially if you’re too timid to approach people. Or maybe you simply don’t want the complications, everyone has their reasons. However for example, if you’re going to spend so long in a hotel, then there will probably be some Wi-Fi there. This means you can still have access to naughty movies online, or even better yet you could have a bit of dirty chat with someone using a dating app. That’s a good half-way solution: you still have a bit of company for a little intimate moment, then you can go back to enjoying your holiday. That whole approach might sound weird, unorthodox to say the least, but it should keep you away from causing any unwanted trouble if you fear mingling with the population outside.

Ultimately it all depends… on what you’re looking to do. In a lot of places you probably won’t get into much trouble for just having a bit of a romantic moment with someone, but if you’re just treating the local population as sex-fodder then yes you can cause some anger. Whatever you decide to do, it is important that the other person reciprocates your feelings. Plenty of locals might well see you as a potential lay and nothing else, so as long as it is made clear and handled with respect then really you should be fine. What you don’t want to do is to break someone’s heart knowing you will be gone eventually.

So now that you know… that respect is the one primal rule that translates across all different countries, then you should feel confident that you will be doing the right thing. So don’t be scared to leave you hotel room, go to the bars and clubs and have a good time. By having a good time we do mean: don’t get too drunk. This happens over and over again, people go abroad only to end up getting ridiculously inebriated, only to end up in precarious situations that sometimes land them into a big deal of trouble. Try not to just get drunk and act like that horny rabbit that rubs itself onto everyone’s leg, heck it’s probably something you wouldn’t do home so why do it abroad? Just be weary of those cheap drinks, take your time and better yet take a drink of water in between every drink, along with some food. Both you and your potential date will be thankful for that.

To conclude… most of this makes sense, it is not rocket science. Instead this is a reminder that just like when you’re home, dating abroad should be treated with care and consideration. It isn’t just about your needs, as much as it is about respecting the local population and their way of life. If not for that, then just do it so that you don’t end up spoiling your holiday by getting into unnecessary trouble. This probably sounds a little preachy, and most people understand those basic rules. However it is very easy to get carried away when you’re not in your own country; and that is something most of us can agree on. So no judgement here, just some advice and some positive encouragement for you to have the best holiday romance (or more…) you can get.

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