See Thailand And Eat Like A Local


When you want to tour Asia to see some fantastic architecture and have a little fun in the wild, Thailand is one such place you can do so. You can find hotels both in the middle of cities like Bangkok and Nonthaburi, but also out at its seaside and wildlife resorts. Like all other terrific destinations, you shouldn’t visit Thailand without taking a taste of its local cuisines and recipes. Here’s a few places and activities you should put on your itinerary.

Wat Trai Mit And Wat Saket

Amidst Thailand’s chief sights to behold are two Buddhist temples known as Wat Trai Mit and Wat Saket in Bangkok.Wat Trai Mit certainly has a beautiful exterior design coated white with gold spires, but it’s a sculpture of Buddha inside that’s completely gold and carefully guarded. Wat Saket also has Thai Buddhist art inside, but it’s better known for its climb up 300 steps to the top of a man-made white hill. Because it’s gold spires mark the top of the hill and can look like a mountain of gold from far off, it’s referred to as “The Golden Mount.” These temples are open to tourists, though be aware there may be small fees to go inside.

Outdoor Fun In Thailand

If you’re really into getting outdoors and want to see the Thailand countryside with its exotic nature sights and different thrills. If you like being challenged with physical activities, you might consider mountain biking through the Thai bike trails or even across Bangkok’s paths with guided tours. But there’s also ocean kayaking that gives you a good view of painted cliffs and beautiful lagoons along the shoreline. But if you’d rather get a close-up look at wild animals, you might visit the Elephant Nature Park.

Restaurants You Should Dine At

There are restaurants all across Thailand perfect for a variety of occasions from a quick lunch, to a scrumptious family dinner and also romantic dinners for two. Some of these restaurants also have bars and live entertainment if you’re interested in seeing authentic Thai shows.

The Issaya Siamese Club Restaurant is one place where you will better enjoy at night because it’s lit up fashionably in traditional Thai style. It has outdoor seating as well as indoor, and you are treated to quite a plethora of dishes. Some of the top dishes on this menu are Yum Hua Plee, a banana flower salad, Tdom Klong Seafood and a crab meat delight known as Poo Nim Tod Kai Kem. Some other restaurants you may want to see are the Long Table, a more downtown kind of bar and fine dining place where you can see a little more of Bangkok. You might also like the Saffron at Banyan Tree if you like dining from way up high at roundtables.

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