NEMT: Is It For You?

NEMT services, or non-emergency medical transport, is for those who are traveling with certain medical conditions, illnesses or injuries that require extra medical care. Modes of transport used can include vans and planes, and they can provide extra peace of mind for the individual and their families. Here are a few basics when it comes to NEMT, and some situations in which it may be used.

What is NEMT?

NEMT stands for non-emergency medical transport, and these are incredibly useful services that provide comfort and support to those who need extra medical attention and care when traveling. One popular option is NEMT flights, in which you can travel on a commercial flight, but have the support of a flight nurse and an RN Flight Coordinator, to help organize all elements of your journey and make it as stress-free as possible. When thinking about flights for sick patients, it is important to consult your specialist or doctor, as they will be able to advise you on the best course of action.

Who is it for?

There are many situations in which you may choose to use NEMT for yourself or a loved one, such as:

  • Getting injured while away from home – If you are hurt when away from home, for example on vacation, the journey home can be daunting. With NEMT flights, you have a support network of professionals around you to help you get home safely.
  • Moving parents – You may need to move parents closer to you, or nearer a healthcare or senior living facility. In these situations, it may be appropriate to use NEMT services, as you can be comfortable in the knowledge that they are traveling with a flight nurse who will keep them safe and comfortable, and make sure they have the medical supplies and medication that they need.
  • Children – In a similar way to moving parents, you may have a child or a young person with a medical condition, illness or injury that requires extra care and support while traveling. Using NEMT services to help children travel to and from home to treatment or rehabilitation services can help everyone involved feel safer and more comfortable.
  • Receiving health treatment – If you or a loved one needs to travel to receive medical care and support, then NEMT services can help you achieve this. Sometimes the most appropriate care is not local to where you live, and therefore traveling is necessary. NEMT services and experts including flight nursesand coordinators, can help organize the journey for you, arranging transport and traveling with the patient.

NEMT services are popular non-emergency alternatives to air ambulances, as they can be more cost-effective, and they are incredibly useful for many reasons. They can allow the patient and their family to confidently travel, knowing that they have the medical support required, even if they need a stretcher or wheelchair, as the flight nurse will be able to handle this. The ability to receive support throughout the entire journey, both in the air and to and from the airport in ambulatory transportation, helps to make the experience and smooth and stress-free as possible, both for the patient and their loved ones.

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