Hit the Road with Canon T3 or Canon T5?

Whether it is a quest to accomplish a task, or an adventurous trip without a clear destination, or a journey more important than the final destination; choosing the best travel buddy is very essential.

For starters, it is the first most important move before you even begin planning the perfect road trip, especially on a tight budget. So here are the things you should consider in deciding which will it be – Canon T3 or Canon T5?

  1. Inspiration comes when you least expect them.

If you incidentally saw someone or something or an action on the road which you find very interesting, capturing it through your lenses requires fast reflex and a bit of cooperation from your camera. Obviously, these scenes won’t stop and pose for you.

Canon T3 has a minimal startup delay of 300 milliseconds while Canon T5 has about half a second. Now, you might argue that it is just a small number and a small unit of time. Still, if you consider the scenario where you pass by someone diving from a bridge, a delay of few seconds is definitely a foul in your pursuit of taking a photo of an artistic expression of diving.

  1. Sunlight is sometimes everywhere and sometimes nowhere.

When you are on the road and you want to take good photos, you should always keep watch of the weather.

Weather is something no one can control, and while it can be forecasted, a good photographer doesn’t delay his masterpiece and wait for a favorable weather to come. He knows how to take advantage of the ever changing weather and make the necessary adjustments on his part.

So how about if you’re not that skilled, you say? Your device can always compensate for that. Every cloud has a silver lining! Equipping yourself with the right camera is the simple solution.

In comparison to Canon T3, Canon T5 has better low light performance and also provides very good images for framing, even in sunny places.

  1. Have unlimited fun!

Every time you read the word road trip, the image of people having fun comes to your mind. The reason why people prefer to film it than to merely take pictures of it is because it is just too fun to limit it with photos.

Why settle for capturing smiles if you can record the giggles and laughs? Thus, filmmaking feature of a camera should also be considered in every road trip.

Unlike Canon T3, Canon T5 can shoot 24 frames per second video which results into a high definition media. It gives that big screen feel like in movie houses.

To even take that cinematic effect even better, Canon T5 may also take 1080p or full HD video at 30 frames per second up to 60 frames per second, compared to Canon T3 performance of 720p at 30 frames per second.

Canon T5 faster frame rate helps in editing your videos later, so you can always be very creative in presenting best your funniest and craziest videos.

Also, with these specifications, your movie continuous focus is topnotch, filming where getting your subjects in focus is very ideal, especially if you want to capture in detail some memorable smirks or genuine smiles.

  1. Let’s travel light.

I hate to break it to you but Canon T3 and Canon T5 have exactly the same width and height. They have same sizes. However, when we want to travel light, we don’t really see size as the only thing that matters, right? Weight is actually more important.

Canon T5 is lighter by 3 percent. It weighs 459 grams compared to Canon T3 which weighs 480 grams. Not only that it makes it very handy but also, your arms won’t get strained too much from the long hours of holding a camera while in a road trip.

Talking about light, a road trip won’t be fun and light at heart if you have that phantom feeling, nagging you that you could have saved more if you bought the cheaper gadget. Canon T3 costs 182.38 USD while Canon T5 costs 383.93 USD.

  1. Take good care of your eyes.

Well Canon T5 is only 4 years old while Canon T3 is 7 years old. But no, the outward looks don’t really have an obvious difference but the newer features that come with the newer camera does.

The camera feature which every road traveller should consider is how eye friendly your travel buddy is?

Canon T5 has larger image display: 7.62 cm compared to 6.858 cm of Canon T3. Plus, Canon T5 has a more defining LCD with its higher resolution rear screen of 460k versus the 230k of Canon T3. Aside from that, Canon T5 has more megapixels than that of Canon T3. It’s 17.9 MP versus 12.2 MP.

So when the road gets bumpy, rest assured that your eyes won’t hurt while viewing those shots and videos.

Let’s sum it up.

You should definitely take the wheel on this one, but for as long as the number game of pros and cons is concerned; you are definitely on the right track.

In case you’re still not sure which one to choose yet, David makes a comparison review about Canon T3 and T5 on Cameraaseals.

Canon T3 has faster startup and way cheaper while Canon T5 is lighter, has better low and high light performance, more pixels, bigger and better LCD displays, and very good on filming. So it’s two versus seven. Now, that’s not a lot of math.

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