Fun Events You Can Plan This Summer

The temperature is getting warmer, the days are getting longer, and soon it’ll be time to get out and enjoy the summer months. From festivals to holidays and outdoor adventures – summer is an amazing time of year, and the perfect chance to spend some quality time with your family and friends. To help you plan an unforgettable summer, here are some ideas for fun things to do this summer.

Go to a festival

There are loads of great reasons to go to a festival this summer. You’ll have the chance to get outdoors and enjoy the sunny weather, socialise with friends, and see some of your favourite bands and musicians perform live. There are hundreds of different festivals to choose from all around the world. So you can easily choose one in an exotic destination and have a holiday at the same time. Some of the most popular festivals taking place in exotic destinations this summer include – Ultra Europe in Croatia, Summer Sonic in Japan, and Wonderfruit Festival in Thailand. You can check out this useful guide for some more of the most popular festivals taking place in Asia this summer. It is important to keep in mind that tickets for these events tend to sell out months in advance, so make sure you plan ahead and book early.

Plan a garden party

Everyone loves a BBQ, and what better way to enjoy the summer than by getting all of your family and friends together and hosting a garden party. Here are some top tips for planning the perfect garden party this summer:

  • Spruce up your garden space– Get your garden summer ready by carrying out some general maintenance. This includes cutting the grass, getting rid of any weeds, and clearing any debris from your garden.
  • Add some outdoor furniture– Make sure there is enough outdoor seating for all of your guests. Beanbags, cushions, and blankets can be used to create a comfortable area for your guests to relax in.
  • Keep guests entertained– You can do this by getting some simple garden games, setting up your own garden photobooth, and setting up a music system.
  • Decorate your garden space– You can easily create some ambiance using fairy lights, wooden signs, jam jars, and lanterns.

Book a summer holiday 

Going on holiday is one of the main things that people look forward to in the summer. Going on holiday is a great way to de-stress and spend some quality time with your loved ones. There are so many amazing destinations that you’ll be spoilt for choice when planning your summer getaway. Do you fancy sunbathing on the beach and enjoying the crystal waters in somewhere exotic like South East Asia? Or, perhaps you would prefer a city break in a fascinating area of Europe? The choices are endless, and there are plenty of great options available to suit everyone. Again, it is important to book well in advance if you want to get the best deals on flights and accommodation. It is a good idea to follow comparison travel sites, so you get alerted when the best deals come out. If you don’t have the cash available, then you could consider a short term loan from companies like Bonsai Finance. This means you can take advantage of great deals and book your holiday early, then simply pay back the loan at no extra cost. Of course, it is vital to make the repayments on time, and never take out more than you can repay.

Plan a road trip

Getting your family and friends together and hitting the open road can be a great summer activity. Planning a road trip gives you the freedom to go where you want, when you want, and allows you to plan the ultimate summer adventure. You have the option to start your road trip from home and take your own car, or you could fly to an entirely new destination and rent a car from there. You can take a fun road trip in pretty much any country in the world, so do some research and find the best destination for you. Make sure that you plan plenty of fun rest stops along the way, and book things like car hire and accommodation in advance to get the best deals.

Arrange to go camping

Summer is the perfect time to plan a camping trip. You can get a bunch of friends together, have a bonfire, roast marshmallows, and sleep under the stars. This is a great way to disconnect and enjoy some quality time in the great outdoors with your friends or family, without having to spend loads of money. A camping trip is also the ideal time to plan a fun hike in a national park or another exciting outdoor activity. Before you head off, make sure that you have the correct camping equipment, and don’t forget to pack camping essentials such as a flashlight, first aid kit, and enough food and water for the trip.

Go on a wine tasting tour

If you are a self-proclaimed wine connoisseur, or just enjoy a glass or two at the weekend, then going on a wine tasting tour can be the perfect summer activity. A wine tour usually includes stunning scenery of the vineyards, a tasty lunch, and of course – plenty of amazing wine!  It is a unique, fun, and creative experience, and you will also get the opportunity to learn about how some of your favourite wines are made. Some vineyards even offer free wine tasting, so make sure you check whether there are any on offer in your area. Have a look at this guide to see some of the best wine tasting holidays in the world.

Remember that you don’t have to splash loads of money on a luxury holiday to have fun this summer. BBQ’s, garden parties, camping, or even a picnic in the park are all fun and cheap activities that you can arrange. Whatever your budget, the most important thing is to get outdoors, have a much-needed break, and spend some quality time with friends and family this summer.

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