Flight Compensation – Your Guide To Claiming

Delayed or cancelled flights are something which happens every day, to hundreds of people all across the globe. That doesn’t make it right, or acceptable, but most people are expected to just put up with it and continue with their lives. However, a lot of people don’t realise that they can claim compensation in the event of delayed or cancelled flight, so we’re going to explain your rights when it comes to your flight being late or stopped altogether.

Claiming Compensation For Your Flight

A lot of people will want to know how they can claim compensation for their delayed or cancelled flights. And that’s understandable, especially if you’re spending hours sitting in the airport waiting. There are however certain criteria which have to be met if you’re going to be able to claim compensation. For one, you’ll find that you have to have been waiting for more than three hours. However, the time right up until the doors of the airplane has been opened is counted in that three-hour duration. Furthermore, the delay or cancellation of your flight must have taken place within the last six years for it to be valid. The last criteria for your compensation claim are that the flight in question must have come from an EU country, going to an EU country, and been onboard an EU airline. If all of these criteria match up, then you should have a pretty good claim for compensation.

Claimable Reasons For Delays And Cancellations

If all of these criteria above have been met, then you also need to consider why it is that you need to cancel your flight in the first place. There’s a list of reasons why a cancelled or delayed flight could be liable for compensation. Technical problems and a lack of staff are both reasons which allow you to claim, as are things like poor weather conditions, but only weather which is a natural occurrence. Freak weather conditions such as hurricanes or ash clouds are not something which you can claim compensation for, as they’re too rare to fall within airline policies. Furthermore, if you’ve been denied entry onto the plane due to overbooking, then you can also claim compensation. You should always be cautious when you’re told that any of these reasons are exceptional circumstances, as it happens often enough just not to be true.

Overall, claiming compensation is something which involves having the right circumstances. Your claim is influenced by a fair few factors, but you shouldn’t let that stop you from being able to try and get some reparation for being delayed on your flight or having it cancelled altogether. When pushed, an airline will have to legally pay compensation if it’s found that you have a valid claim, and so they try and avoid this by not mentioning that fact. However, if you take the time to search and figure out exactly why your flight was delayed or cancelled, you’ll be on track to being able to get the compensation that you deserve.

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