Fixing the focus of travel photos with Movavi Photo Focus

Seems every day we look online there are new apps and filters that can enhance the images we take and how we see items in a certain light. Many distort the picture until it is barely recognisable. Setting, lighting and a host of other aspects come into effect when searching for the right shot. Why not use the shots we have and use distortions to make them unique and more powerful? Movavi photo focus does just that. It uses blurring effects to create unique, captivating pictures.

What it can do:

Using the Movavi photo focus adds depth and emotion by highlighting the central person or item. The viewer is drawn to this clear figure and with this the photographer can display a host of emotion and feeling.

You can create beautifully unique miniature photographs by using the tilt shift within the application, allowing the photographer to develop their own world.

The blur effect allows the central figure to stand out in the picture, for example a bride and groom on their wedding day, the effects create a captivating area in which the viewer will be drawn.

Motion effects allow for creative images, being still while also having the impression that the object is still in movement.

What is has:

The application is supported by 10 languages making it very user friendly and accessible to a large proportion of the population.

As with a lot of photo editing software the photo focus comes with the ability to edit brightness and contrast.

You can create dynamic framing and composition and finally it is supported by most file formats allowing for easy storage and use.

Let’s take an Example:

Say for instance you have a beautiful forest shot with your muse or a beautiful animal in the background. Rather than darkening its border or using light to focus the shot, why not blur the surrounding area. Holding onto all the colour and zest within the picture but bringing the viewer in the direction you want to take them.

By using creative blur effects, you will transform your picture of a single object in the forest into one which is far more artistic. The viewer will know the setting but also the focus of your efforts.

Overall the Movavi photo focus is something every budding photographer should have. It opens more opportunities to be creative, while also holding onto the true value of the picture.

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