Combining Travel with Shopping for the Ultimate Break

Going on a vacation to a beautiful location is wonderful, but when you also love a bit of shopping too, it’s great to combine two loves into a single trip. A visit to western Colorado is a good place for blending your experiences because they have everything there from hiking in the great outdoors to shopping up a storm at the local mall or buying a wedding dress or a pair of wedding rings. You never really know what a week in Great Junction, Colorado has in store for you.

Here are 3 suggestions for fun things to do while in Colorado.

Trekking in Grand Mesa, Western Colorado

A walk in Grand Mesa hits you with breath-taking views all around. Wild strips of land with pine trees lining them and gorgeous views as far as the eye can see await you there. There are steep footpaths and trekking that takes you high up if your stamina can take it. The drive to the area is perfectly pleasant too, so you can plan which trekking or walks to participate in and zip between beauty spots while enjoying your vehicle’s AC and limiting your exposure to the heat, if that’s not your thing.

The area has cabins to stay a few nights. There’s a smattering of lakes here and there to pull out a fishing rod and see if you’ll get lucky. Licenses for fishing and hunting are inexpensive and available to order online before you travel.

Shopping for a Wedding Dress

Grand Junction has some of the best bridal stores to help brides-to-be find the perfect wedding dress or get it made to measure. Adjustments to the fitting can also be made while there. Abracadabra Grand Junction is one such store that offers a personalized service for brides, grooms and the bridesmaids too.

Whether planning an upcoming wedding in the area or just making best use of the availability of high-quality wedding gowns and excellent service, it’s a simple matter to combine a trip to the western part of Colorado with making some of the arrangements for your upcoming nuptials. After all, there’s so much to prepare for before the big day, you fit in making the arrangements in the spare time you have. Even on vacation!

Shopping for Outdoor Gear

There are plenty of apparel stores for buying outdoors gear if you didn’t travel well-equipped into the state. Whether you’re looking for some top brands like REI, Peak Performance or Under Armour, there are plenty of stores with a wide assortment of clothing, footwear, protective gear, and more.

Along with the downtown Grand Junction area, there’s also the Mesa Mall off highway 6. They have major brands there like Boot Barn, Best Buy, American Eagle Outfitters, BC Surf and Sport, Subway and Starbucks too. There are also some good restaurant chains present in the mall if the kids are with you and getting hungrier by the second!

Mixing travel with shopping and other activities breaks up a longer trip into a series of meaningful outings. If you never plan more than a day ahead, then there’s more spontaneity to your trip too.

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