Amazing UK Spots To Visit This Summer

Wondering what to do for your summer getaway this year but not sure where you should go? There’s a whole host of great options out there for people who want something a bit unique without breaking the bank, and while many people might not immediately think it, you could book a cheap getaway in the UK for not just affordable prices, but great dates too. The UK is home to numerous (and we do mean numerous!) things to see and do, and can suit almost literally anyone’s preferences. Not sold? Check out these top places to visit in the UK and you’ll see why it’s becoming a popular tourist destination for people from around the world so you can book a cheap getaway in the UK and see what the fuss is about!


Cornwall is one of the most beautiful regions of the UK. With rugged coastlines, sandy white beaches and unique history all in one area, it’s no surprise it keeps people coming back year after year. These days it’s hugely popular throughout the summer months with families and couples alike from both other parts of the UK as well as Europe. Check out the beautiful town of St Ives famed for its picturesque lighting or take a stroll  back in time at the Jamaica Inn near Bolventor for a spooky tale of piracy and smuggling. Whatever you choose, Cornwall has something for everyone!


Nestled in the northern parts of England, Yorkshire is home to many small towns, villages and cities which boast unique history as well as a rugged, old beauty about them. Whether you’re strolling through stone walled villages with cobbled streets or having a pint in the birthplace of Guy Fawkes, Yorkshire is darkly mysterious and stunningly beautiful.Visit the gorgeous little town of Knaresborough for its ancient aqueduct and unique petrifying cave system known as Old Mother Shipton’s cave before exploring nearby spa town of Harrogate. Want the best fish and chips in the county? Head over to the coast to the gothic town of Whitby with its ruined cathedral keeping watch over the town from its spot on the hill.


Probably one of the most beautiful areas in the whole UK, Snowdonia is a national park in northern Wales, home of the famous Mount Snowdon and its stunning surroundings. With lakes, tiny villages and beautiful valleys to explore, it’s no wonder Snowdonia is so popular. Be sure to visit Beddgelert – a village that took its name from the loyal hound of Prince Llewelyn, and explore the dark age history around the area that has stories of elves, mages and even the magical Merlin. Want to climb Snowdon but aren’t sure of your fitness? Never fear – you can always take the train up to the top!

Whether it’s your first time in the UK or you’ve been before, hopefully there’s something on this list that tickles your fancy and gets you excited about visiting this unique and deeply historical nation. So get your bags packed – the UK awaits!


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