Top Types Of Law – Which Will You Choose


Have you been thinking about retraining this year? Now that winter is upon us in Australia, it can be a great time to start thinking about heading back to school either full or part time to get a degree in something you have always thought about. Law can be one of those things that many people retrain for later in life, and it can be a fulfilling career for those who like a steady pace, looking at details of cases and defending those who feel they have been wronged. But what kinds of law can you go into? Lawyers in Sydney vary in type, and here are a couple of the most popular types. Which one tickles your fancy? Don’t forget that if you go into one and it isn’t what you expected you can always swap and work towards certification in other lines of law.


This is the form of law where people buying or selling houses or flats will need a lawyer to make sure all the paperwork and money changes hands properly. Buying and selling a house can be a huge thing so having someone to complete all the formal legalities on your behalf can not only be a godsend but also be beneficial. A lot of jargon, words you don’t understand and the like can be difficult to comprehend, so property lawyers take all the guesswork out of property changing hands and will liaise with the other party’s property lawyers to ensure a quick and easy transfer.

Criminal Defence

This type of law does what it says on the package and is the defence for criminals. If you have a client who has allegedly committed a crime and has been charged with said offence, they may enlist your help to defend themselves against the accusations in court or on trial. If the evidence pointing to their guilt is obvious, a criminal defence lawyer will work with the prosecution team to try to hammer out a plea deal for shorter or sustained sentences, depending on the offence committed.


Like criminal defence, criminal prosecution works on cases where an offence was committed to try and prove the guilt of the defendant (the person who was charged). They will collate evidence and build a case trying to showcase how the defendant carried out the offence and will try to prove their guilt. They typically will be the ones to try and get the prison sentences and can work with criminal defence on plea bargains for lesser sentences.


One of the most important forms of law, family lawyers will work with members of families to work through difficulties relating to divorce, children, property dividing and more. Family law is imperative when two parents are unable to come to an agreement in relation to child visitation and custody, and this is one of the main issues that family lawyers deal with. Family law may also include wills and estates and can hold wills for people to be read when a loved one passes away, with the lawyer usually acting as an intermediary to pass out inheritances and the like.

So which type of law will you pick? With so many interesting and varied avenues you can take in the world of law it’s hard to pick just one sometimes. So read up on the different kinds and enjoy exploring your new career!

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