Top Tips for Staying Legal on the Road

The rules of the road are in place, first and foremost, to keep drivers safe. You should, then, aim to abide by them at all times, no matter how tempting it may be to break them from time to time. To stay legal while driving, you need to do more than stick to speed limits and overtake over drivers with caution, though. You have to take the top tips laid out below.

Remember that different places have different rules

Different countries, states, provinces, and cities have different rules regarding driving. In one place, there may be a specific rule, whereas, in another, it might not be as strictly enforced (if at all). The one constant rule that you must follow wherever it is you drive is that you have to abide by all the specific laws enforced on the roads you are currently driving on. Even if these laws seem completely alien to you, if you want to stay out of trouble, you must abide by them.

Some of the standout laws found across the world include:

  • France: Using a sat-nav that detects upcoming speed cameras is illegal
  • Spain: If you are a glasses or contact lenses wearer, you need a spare pair with you in the car at all times
  • Germany: It is illegal to stop on the Autobahn highway, even if you run out of petrol
  • Norway: You must keep your headlights switched on at conceivable points, even during the day in the summer
  • Japan: Splashing pedestrians is illegal
  • Russia:In some parts of Russia, you can’t even drive with a dirty car!

No matter what you think about the rules of the road that you find yourself driving upon, abide by them. It could save you a lot of trouble.

Don’t test the limits when it comes to drinking and driving

Again, the law is different with regards to drinking and driving depending on where you are. In some parts of the world, you are allowed to be caught driving with a higher alcohol-to-blood ratio than you are in other places. In order to avoid getting a DUI completely, though, you shouldn’t drink at all, no matter how you much you are ‘allowed.’

The best way to avoid this severe law break is not to test the limits. Quite simply, if you know you have to drive, avoid consuming alcohol altogether. If you do ever find yourself facing a charge of driving under the influence, however, then it’s essential to align yourself with an experienced attorney in this field. This kind of professional, such as the DUI lawyer Philadelphia The Fishman Firm, would know the intricacies of such a serious case and, thus, be best suited to defending you.

To stay legal on the road, you have to take sticking by the rules seriously. You should become well versed with the rules of the roads that you drive on, and you should do your utmost best to abide by them. By doing so, you could end up protecting yourself and your fellow road users from harm.

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