Tips to Make Your Bridesmaid Dresses Way Cheaper

While it’s fun to daydream about your ultimate bridesmaid dresses, it’s not so fun when you realize just how much they could cost you! If you’ve got a small budget for your wedding, don’t panic. You can absolutely achieve the look you want while still nabbing some cheap bridesmaid dress bargains. Read on for our handy tips for how to make your bridesmaid dresses way cheaper.

Look for sales

Before you rule out your dream dresses, see if you can find them (or a version of) on sale. Look in the sale sections online, and get out to the shops to see what’s hanging on the discount racks. You never know what gems you may find by widening your search to workroom sales, clearance racks and end-of-season sales. Just because a dress is marked down in cost it doesn’t mean it’s a low-quality garment.

Scour the stores for fabric

If you’re going to get your bridesmaid dresses made, take the opportunity to cut costs on fabrics. Scour fabric stores for discounted fabrics and stock up on as much as you need. Remember that as long as you get the color you want, it doesn’t matter if you buy plain, unassuming fabric. You can add personality and style to your cheap bridesmaid dresses with accents such as jewelry, shoes and makeup. What’s more, if a dress has been made beautifully and fits a woman perfectly, it doesn’t need to be embellished or expensive. Sometimes the simplest dresses make the biggest impact.

Utilize the skills of loved ones

If you have a friend or family member with incredible sewing skills, don’t be afraid to ask them to help you! You could offer a token of payment or something meaningful in return for their hard work. Chances are, they’ll be more than happy to help you achieve the wedding you want, especially if they know you’re on a tight budget. Make sure to ask them well in advance, and offer to make it a fun weekly ritual, getting together each week to sew, drink wine and catch up!

Buy simple dresses off the rack and style them

Recently, I went to a wedding where the bridesmaid dresses which were absolutely stunning. Later on, I found out that they were each under $100 and bought from a mainstream clothing chain. I was completely shocked and impressed. The reason they made such a positive impact was because they were perfectly fitted, a flattering color, and impeccably styled. The bride had chosen the perfect hair accessories, shoes, jewelry and makeup to take a set of very plain, cheap bridesmaids dresses to a luxurious, expensive-looking and elegant standard. Remember, sometimes the most expensive bridesmaid dresses can look tacky, while the cheapest can look phenomenal. It’s all in the fit and the styling, which are within your control!


Don’t let a small wedding budget make you feel like you can’t have the bridesmaid dresses you want. You just have to think a little more creatively and shop a little more savvy. Start studying each sale, clearance rack and off-season collection and you’re guaranteed to find something to make your heart flutter. Or, find cheap fabric and let a clever loved one work their magic. And finally, use your flair for styling to elevate your cheap bridesmaid dresses to stunning heights.

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