Tips for Buying a Console


Buying a gaming console is no easy task and the fact that many consoles are expensive choosing the right one is important.  There are a range of different consoles available each with different features and in different price ranges.  The main contenders in the console market today are Xbox from Microsoft, PlayStation from Sony and Wii from Nintendo.  Each of these consoles has both strengths and weaknesses.

Who is it For?

The first question to ask is who will be using the console.  It is important to know who will be playing video games.  If the console is for children then it is not necessary at this stage to purchase an expensive system with high quality graphics and technology.  For children a simple system will suffice as well as for the rest of the family, who are possibly just casual gamers. Those who enjoy party games or board games may enjoy console games, but they won’t be as concerned by quality.  If the console is for a die-hard gamer then an advanced one is the better option.  These gamers play advanced games and will require very specific features and technologies to run these games without any problems.


An important factor to consider is a budget.  A budget will play a big part in deciding on a console.  Prices vary when it comes to consoles as each one comes with different features and accessories.  An affordable budget should be set, before even looking around.  Although it would be great to buy the most recent release, these are not always in everyone’s price range.  It would make sense not to waste money unnecessarily on features that will not be used.

Types of Games

The types of games are another important consideration as some consoles are only compatible with certain titles.  The type of console can be determined by the type of game that is preferred.  It is also good to make sure that the console has backward compatibility which means that the games made for the previous console are compatible with the new one.  Another factor to consider is if the games will be motion controlled or traditional games.  With motion controlled games other accessories are often required.

Not Just for Gaming

Consoles nowadays can be used for more than just gaming and the latest consoles can be used for a variety of other things, such as playing VISA slots online.  There is the option to watch TV series or listen to music or play games with friends online or there is the option to surf the World Wide Web. There is something for each family member.

The latest from Microsoft is Xbox one, from PlayStation it is the PS4 and the Wii U from Nintendo.  The Xbox One is an outstanding console and allows gamers to play online games, stream videos and live music, watching live TV, movies and also allows multiple players to play simultaneously.  The Xbox One is a great console for die-hard gamers who enjoy fast paced games as well as for other family members who can enjoy the many other features on offer. The PS4 is known as the best when it comes to speed, software and upgrades.  The PS4 is reasonably priced and there are other accessories which can be bought to enjoy the features of this console.  Nintendo has been around forever and offers family friendly games, which means entertainment for everyone.  The Wii U has a gamepad which offers an immersive touchscreen.

Although the competition is tough having a budget and knowing what the needs are will be helpful in choosing the right console.

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