Reputation Management Company, What Do They Do?

The idea of having your reputation managed by a professional company is nothing new and for celebrities, big businesses and high profile public figures, PR has been helping them to protect their reputations for many years. In this day and age however, there are far more people that just these who find themselves in need of a reputation management company. The internet provides us with numerous opportunities to push our business to the next level but this can sometimes come at cost i.e. the reputation of the business. The reason for this is because it is easier than ever to tarnish a business’ reputation online through the use of social media and review sites, amongst other mediums.

Business’ live and die based on their reputations, especially online and if you enlist the support of a professional reputation management company, here are just a few things that they can do for your business.

Understanding Your Reputation

The first reason why you should be enlisting the support of a rep management company is to understand exactly what your online reputation is. Many businesses may think that they have a strong and positive reputation online when actually this is far from the truth. All it takes is a tweet, a Facebook update or scathing review of your business or products and this could lead to a slippery slope which could ruin your reputation. A reputation management company will help you to understand exactly what kind of reputation you have.

Removing Threats

A disgruntled employee or a vicious competitor could easily take it upon themselves to try and damage your reputation online with falsehoods and unfair accusations. In order to be on the front foot in terms of removing these threats, you need to have some professionals in your corner who can take steps to ensure that they either eliminate, or hide these hurtful comments about your business, and do so swiftly so that they carry less weight.

Cut Ties

It is very possible that your company’s reputation has been damaged because of its links to another business which has been found to be conducting unethical behaviour. This is unjust and unfair but that does not mean that the internet will not be able to see your association with such a company, and draw their own conclusions. If something like this should happen with one of your partners, a reputation management company will be able to remove all ties between you and the company in question.


If you or another big profile figure in your business has been wrongfully accused of a crime then even though you may have been found to be innocent, those stories online still paint a negative view of the business. In situations such as this a reputation management company can take steps to ensure that when people search for your company or its products and services, that they don’t find out about a wrongful accusation which could easily damage the reputation of your business.

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