Making Money Online – Top Suggestions You May Not Know Of


Saving money for that big ticket item or even just a special new toy can be a pain in the neck. Between bills, mortgage or rent, food, maintenance costs for cars and other necessities like medicines, transport tickets if you don’t drive or have a car and insurance of all kinds, it is a wonder anyone can save any money these days. Not only that but so many costs aren’t decreasing – they’re actually increasing! So how can you save money to buy those things you want but can’t justify out of your monthly salary? Here are our favourite suggestions.

Sell Online

Selling things you no longer need, be it books, clothes, mobile phones, CDs, DVDs, Blu Rays or any other thing you have collected over the years and no longer need can bring in some serious cash. Have you ever heard of the Disney VHS motherload? Well, it’s a thing and if you’re lucky enough to possess one of the Disney films in its original packaging and whatnot from back in the 80s, 90s and before, you could be in for some serious cash. One VHS of the Little Mermaid, Beauty and the Beast or Cinderella can fetch prices in the hundreds of dollars. No Disney? No problem. Get yourself over to eBay or other online selling sites, plug in the makes and models of things from clothes to mobiles, CDs and more and check out what they’re worth. Tip: brand names are worth a heck of a lot more than run of the mill things from the likes of Walmart.

Get Creative

If you’re an old hat at creative things like embroidery, sewing, or just generally making things, consider opening up an Etsy or eBay shop. These forms of selling online can help get attention on your offerings and create a brand behind the things you make for fun and enjoyment. This can eventually lead to the possibility of doing it as a part or full time job, especially when you add in the possibility of creating custom and bespoke products or services alongside standard offerings.

Play Online Games

Did you know that playing online games can result in some serious cash? While many popular RPG style games actually can buy and sell profiles amongst other things for real cash, playing cash based games online can be another great way to make and save money. For example, you can buy powerball tickets online, as well as subscribe to upcoming draws so you never miss one, and with a wallet on most websites you can deposit say fifty dollars per month with which to play to ensure you never miss a pick!


Tutoring these days is growing in popularity – and fast! With the advent of online tutoring people now have clients from across the world that join lessons via Skype calls and as a result it is a great way for many people to make an extra bit of money on the side. The bonus is that this can be done from literally anywhere with an internet connection, making this a hugely popular option for travellers and nomads.

So how will you get involved in a ‘side hustle’? So many people have one these days to help supplement their incomes, so why not get started and see the benefits for yourself! Enjoy!

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