Make Money: Outside the Box

Who could not use a little extra cash? Most of us could happily find a home for a little more money each month, whether it is mere pennies or hundreds extra every now and then. Here are seven tips to help you make the gap between the end of the month and the end of the money a little less of a stretch!

Shortcut to Cash

This one might need a small investment first, but try to learn a skill like basic hairdressing, or something similar. With this skill, you can work anywhere at any time, and people will pay generously if they like the way you work. The extra cash you make, will give you the freedom to indulge your real passions – or just pay off a few more bills!

Invest Like a Pro, Small Scale!

You do not have to be a millionaire, or even particularly well off to play the stock markets. All you need is a small sum to invest, and you are away. As with any investment, start small and play it safe – always remember to only commit money that you can afford to lose entirely, especially if you want to indulge in some riskier options in order to (hopefully) achieve a better return. Trading in forex is sometimes a cunning way to make a small profit. Online trading is an option too, with a company like IG Group Holdings, which has seen growth of over one per cent over the last month alone.* The best advice would be to use a reputable trader like CMC Markets, until you have found your feet and understand the pros and cons of the various trades a little better.

Write Yourself into Funds

Freelance writing is a growing market: not only do most people read more than they used to – think blogs, listicles and social media posts as well as books and news articles – almost everyone has access to the internet, and therefore to a wealth of writing. Many people want to run blogs, or advertise their products and services, but struggle to find precisely the right words. These people are often happy to pay to have pieces written for them, and a good, fast writer can make a reasonable sum every week. 

Blogging not Slogging

This is similar to writing, but with a small difference. Running a blog means that you can attract an audience: with a sufficiently large audience, your blog becomes tempting to advertisers who will pay you to allow their adverts on your site. These ads can be paid per click (so much money for every person who clicks the link from your page) or so much per month to have the ad permanently in place. Individual ads will not generate much revenue, but the upside is that it is constantly generating a small stream of income, and requires little in the way of work to maintain. This is a great way to be paid for expressing your own opinion!

Another way bloggers can make money is through writing reviews on products and services, either for the supplier or as an independent reviewer. Often companies are happy to send free products to be tested and reviewed, but do read the fine print and make sure of what is expected of you in exchange for this free product.

Snap(py) up Some Cash

If you own a good quality camera – or even one of the newer mobile phones – why not try selling photographs? There are several sites that allow users to upload their photographs and display them for sale. They are bought by people to use in their blogs and websites, by people who want to use them in presentations and similar, and even by news corporations for their graphics during the news broadcasts. Maximise the potential for returns by taking the highest possible quality photos, and selecting subjects that are likely to be popular: people doing everyday things, foods, iconic buildings from unusual angles. Simple subjects like crockery, money, even cushions, for example, all have a market, as long as you can find it.

Sell Some Tutoring

Think hard about your academic strong points. Get the point of algebra? Know the difference between a verbal mode and a modal verb? Understand that geography is just physics slowed way the heck down? Then put the word out and tutor youngsters on your favourite subjects. Worried parents will pay generously, and stressed students will be delighted when those tricky subjects suddenly click in the face of your passion for the topic.

Find it on Ebay

E-Bay, and similar sites, offer the chance to buy and sell products to make a little cash or snap up a bargain. The first step is to list and sell off anything you have that you no longer want. But do not worry if you have been there and done that – work out what sells well and keep your eyes peeled for bargains, which you can then snap up, relist and resell for more.

In these ways, you can build up your fortunes and keep yourself in funds – or top up your savings for later on in life!

*Past performance is no guarantee of future performance

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