How to Transform your Garden on a Shoestring Budget


We Australians have a special affinity with our garden, which is regarded as a lot more than just a place with an appealing view, and with the long summers and pleasant autumns, the garden is very much a place for rest and relaxation. While it would be a big budget exercise to call in a landscaper and have him create a masterpiece, one can effect some very attractive improvements for a fraction of the cost, and with that in mind, here are a few ideas on how to revamp your garden ready for next summer.

Garden Furniture

This is the focal point of any terrace and no matter how fine the decking and awning might be, jaded furniture simply won’t cut it. There are, of course, online suppliers of garden furniture, and if you are looking for outdoor furniture in Melbourne, there is one supplier that actually designs and fabricates quality garden furniture, and what’s more, you will be saving a lot on the usual retail price as you are dealing with the manufacturer and cutting out the middleman. Whether you prefer real timber, the texture of rattan, or a classy composite frame, modern garden furniture is built to stand the test of time, and with so many attractive styles and designs, there’s bound to be something that fits the bill.

Clearance Sales

Online suppliers will, at certain times of the year, reduce prices to clear old stock, and if you are patient, and watch for clearance items, you can save a significant amount on the already reasonable price. An established outdoor furniture supplier would have an extensive catalogue of items, which would likely include the following:

  • Range of Outdoor Furniture
  • Umbrellas and Awnings
  • BBQ Appliances
  • Outdoor Kitchen Equipment

In order to net yourself a bargain, bookmark the online supplier and visit often, looking at the specials on offer, and with a little luck, you will be able to secure a lower than normal price on that selected item.

Pressure Clean the Patio

For the cost of a takeaway meal, you can hire a water pressure cleaner for the weekend, and this will restore the surface of your pavers to their original state. Over the years, dirt and grime gets ingrained into the floor surface and a high pressure water jet will make short work of the terrace, and you might as well clean the driveway while you’re at it.

Umbrella Shading

With a choice of centre or side post, modern cantilevered umbrellas offer the homeowner stylish shading, and with a range of attractive colours, this addition will be both functional and aesthetically appealing. Built to last, these innovative devices offer a long term shading solution for a very affordable price, and coupled with some new garden furniture, your terrace will be the ideal place to spend those long summer afternoons.

All of the above suggestions are affordable, and with some careful online browsing, you are likely to bump into some discounted items, which makes it even more affordable.

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