How To File A Health Insurance Claim?

Having medical insurance is the smartest, most effective way to safeguard your finances from unforeseen medical emergencies. Whether you have suffered from a severe illness or sustained serious injuries during an accident, medical insurance will help you in meeting a considerable amount of your financial obligations.

How To File A Claim On Your Medical Insurance?

It is important to make the right use of your insurance at the right time. You need to file a claim, so that your insurance will send reimbursement or direct payment for the medical services administered. A health insurance claim is made when you request reimbursement or direct payment, whichever is suitable in your case. For this, you need to submit a medical insurance claim form or request. There are two ways through which you can put in your request:

  • The most effective and streamlined way is to ask your medical service provider to submit the claim to the insurance company directly through any electronic medium.
  • The other way that is slower is filling the health insurance claim form and submitting it to the insurance company by yourself. In cases where your health service provider is not in the network, this is the best option.

Online Health Insurance Claims

There was a time when people used to stand in a queue in order to submit their medical insurance claims. With the advent of technology now you have more refined and convenient ways of filing in your claim request. Now you can file the request through online sources, such as via email, through a website, or a mobile application, etc. Generally, the health service provider partners with the insurance provider to offer the best claim to individuals.

Steps To Rightly File Your Health Insurance Claim Request

  • Obtain all the Medical Receipts

When you decide to fill in the insurance claim, you would need to collect all the medical bills and receipts that work as the evidence for the medical treatments administered to you. Everything from your treatment costs to medications will be counted in your claim.

  • Fill Your Claim Form

To get your claim form, you would need to get in contact with your insurance company. They will provide you with the best way to fill the claim form. Fill the form carefully and enter all the required details. Read the instructions given in the form carefully before filling the form in order to avoid any errors. You can also consult your healthcare facility while filling up the form.

  • Make Copies of Your Form

Before submitting the form, it is essential to make the copies of your application form. Apart from the form, you should also make copies of your bills and receipts as well. This will also help in safeguarding your interests from any errors or misplacements.

  • Review And Send

After completing the form, take a close look at the form and make sure that all the relevant documents are attached to the form. Once you have checked everything properly, send the form for approval.


Whether you have sustained serious injuries in an accident or suffering from a viral fever, the medical services that you acquire can be reimbursed or fully paid with the help of a medical insurance. It is essential to acquire medical insurance in order to safeguard your financial interests from uncertainties. Today, you can make insurance claims in the most convenient ways.

If you are not claiming your insurance, you are actually wasting your policy by bearing all the financial obligations. Hence, it is advised to claim your insurance policy whenever required.

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