Getting Comfortable With The Perfect Gaming Chair 


Suspended illusion is what makes gaming so appealing, it’s a virtual world where your fantasies meet reality. It’s a submersion into a world where things are possible just like lucid dreaming, but only from the comfort and control of your favourite armchair.

Technology in gaming has seen superior styles of play that echo real world illusion. Evident in the new virtual reality technology and other high-end graphic processors, games have become more realistic than ever before.

To get completely immersed in the game you need to be comfortable. A gaming quest can range from short periods of play to long sessions, where you can easily spend hours on end in one single spot. If you’re a gaming fanatic, and if you are looking for a gaming chair that will change the way you play then continue reading for the best gaming chairs.

Why Get A Gaming Chair? 

Featuring thick padded comfort for extra support over those long sessions, and built in speakers on certain models make gaming chairs a cave of delight.

Gaming chairs and racing chairs both have awesome potential to make you feel like you are apart of the game, in new round comfort and control.

Strap In With The Vertagear Racing Series 

Sporting a full on racing approach the Vertagear Racing Series SL4000 is the perfect chair for avid gamers looking for more solid support and cushioning.

It’s available in nine various colours and looks extremely inviting. You will need some help assembling this bad boy, so rope in your friends and enjoy the ultimate satisfaction for your behind whilst you take the wheel.

The Best Rocker Style Chair 

The rocker gaming chair is a popular choice for many gamers because of their close positioning and snug fits. You can lean back and play in complete comfort and luxury. No one knows this better than X Rocker, and their X Rocker Pro Series Pedestal 2.1 is the perfect example of an optimized rocking style gaming chair.

Featuring wireless technology, with two built in speakers and a subwoofer the X Rocker Pro looks amazing and will have you feel like you are the captain of a ship in no time at all.

Bean Bags On Steroids 

If you are looking for a gaming chair that offers you the best all-round gaming comfort then you must have a look at the Big Joe Dorm Chair. It’s extremely affordable and very flexible as it moulds to your shape whilst you battle it out on screen.

The Big Joe Dorm Chair is definitely aimed at console players as it works around a living room space perfectly. It’s not badly priced but still retains high quality finishes with good stitching and finishes. The chair also has handy pockets on the sides for your snacks and controllers. Allowing you to get even more when playing the best slots online.

If you’re serious about gaming then it may be time to consider a decent gaming chair. They add to the enjoyability factor of your gaming experience, and can make you feel even more immersed into the game with some chairs featuring awesome new age tech and gadgets.

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