Four Ways to Stay Organised This 2018

The New Year presents a new opportunity to keep your life as organised as possible. You want to find the perfect balance between your work, your social life, your time with the family, and your personal “me” time.

When things get busy and confusing, here are four ways to stay organised this 2018.

  1. Keep a calendar.

A calendar will help you map out your life for the coming weeks and months. It gives you an overview of the events you need to attend and the activities you have planned. To make your calendar more organised, you can use different coloured pens or markers to take note of your plans. For example, you can use a red pen for work, a blue pen for social events, a green pen for plans with the family, and a yellow pen for the time you plan to spend with yourself.

  1. Start a bullet journal.

While a calendar gives you a general idea of your plans, a bullet journal allows you to be more specific. Here, you can put your lists and tasks, so you don’t forget to do anything during your day-to-day activities. What’s great about a bullet journal is that it has simplified the way people keep track of their lives. It is actually described as “the analog system for the digital age” because of how simple the concept is. It uses symbols (called bullets) to differentiate between tasks, events, and notes. And because the basic set-up is simple, you are also given a lot of room to personalise and express your creativity.

  1. Plan your weekly outfits.

One of the common reasons that people come to work late in the morning is because they just can’t decide on what to wear. To help you become more punctual, planning your outfits for the week will take this annoying task out of the way as you get ready each morning. To start, look at your calendar and see what your plans are for the week. Accordingly, pick an outfit for each day (or event, depending on how busy the day will be), take a photo of you wearing the outfit, and look back at your gallery when it’s time to get dressed. Once a week, you get to play dress up, which can actually become a fun way to de-stress.

  1. Make the most out of containers.

Containers are a great way to keep your house organised. You can have a basket for your tissue rolls in the bathroom, a basket for your baking supplies in the kitchen, and a basket for your magazines in the living room. Use jars to store your tea or coffee, your cotton buds and pads, and your makeup brushes. Use dividers inside your closet to separate your underwear, socks, ties, and handkerchiefs. Meanwhile, 2 for £10 storage boxes will help you hide the things that you just can’t organise, like wires and other tech stuff, arts and craft supplies, kids’ toys, etc.

2018 doesn’t have to be as messy as 2017. Hopefully, with these quick tips, you can start organizing your stuff today.

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