Family Friendly Income Ideas

A lot of companies claim to be ‘family friendly’ and yet still require long hours in the office and frown when emergencies arise and you have to rush off to pick your child up from school, or when a snow day means that you have to either stay home or bring your children to work with you (the latter not always something that is feasible).

Truly family friendly income sources often involve working from home. If this sounds too good to be true, prepare to be surprised: it is a real way to earn money and more and more employers are cottoning onto the fact. Here are some ways that you can make money, from the comfort of your own home, picking and choosing your hours according to your need to be available for family.

A very popular work from home sector is that of the online call centre. Many large corporations sign up with companies (such as Sensee, Arise and many more) who sign up and train home-workers. The home workers must invest in up-to-date reliable computers or laptops and generally must have a stable landline telephone connection. Occasionally, workers are required to obtain criminal records checks, which may incur a small charge. These expenses are not to be confused with bogus ‘administration fees’ that might be charged by scammers looking to make easy money from those desperate to find work.

For those who are better with manual work, envelope stuffing is sometimes available. This does not earn a lot of money – usually pennies for several thousand envelopes, but it is mindless and very easy work which can be done while watching television or while supervising the children’s homework. Product assembly, too, is similar. A certain number of kits arrive and the worker assembles the product before repacking it, ready for sale. These assembly jobs can be simple click-together items, or they can be more complex, involving painting and decorating the product ready for sale.

Vlogging is a burgeoning industry and it is rapidly becoming commercialised. That is to say: people vlog (video blog) about their lives, whether they are young parents, entrepreneurs, wannabe celebrities or school-children. Those who garner the most followers or likes, attract the interest of companies looking for representation. The companies offer money to the vlogger to mention their product, feature it on the vlog, or even to simply review the product. Obviously, this is not a quick way to start earning money as an audience needs to be built up before lucrative offers will be made, but it can also be a fun way to document your life and if, in the future, it could turn out to be a nice little earner, well, why not give it a go?

Investing in the stock market is no longer the province of daring brokers or keen-brained economists. Anyone can buy stocks or shares, as long as they have the initial sum needed to get going. Investing decisions can be high-risk with a small possibility of a high return, or lower-risk, with reliable, low growth industries or portfolios. It is best to start investing through a safe pair of hands, a company like CMC Markets, who will guide you through the process and explain how it all works. Investments like these require very little maintenance, just a few hours throughout every year, as the money sits in the account slowly fattening up on the dividends.

Bookkeeping is a job that lends itself very well to home-working or mobile working. Many small businesses cannot afford a fulltime bookkeeper, but still need the expertise of a qualified person to prepare their year-end figures for the tax-man. These companies are happy to hire a consultant bookkeeper who pops in once or twice a month to prepare the figures, run payroll and take care of debtors and creditors; and some are happy to allow remote access to their computer system, so that these tasks can be done from the bookkeeper’s own home. Bookkeeping qualifications are fairly standard the world over (with some regional differences), so you can be sure of finding work no matter where in the world you are.

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