Coolest Casinos: London vs Singapore

A trip to one of the most advanced and well-established cities is incomplete without trying out your luck in the casino. A place where you could dabble in gambling and listen to the shuffling of cards and clinking of slot machines will help you encounter a whole new world. With this, you will get a chance to indulge in the exciting nightlife of the city, which will help you make your trip a lot more remarkable! Both London and Singapore are emerging to be two of the most coveted gambling hubs across the world. Let us discuss more the casinos here that have made an indelible mark and the ones that you should visit:

Gambling in Singapore

Singapore has something for everyone. While Universal Studios offer various activities to children, Lion City also has a bunch of casinos. Recently, Singapore embraced the title of South-East Asia’s Sin City and is a great destination if you are planning for a #LessVegasGetaway. Being one of the world’s major banking capitals, Singapore has very high stakes every night of the week.

Best Casino in Singapore: Marina Bay

Marina Bay Sands Resorts is not only the most iconic spot in Singapore, but the place also offers an exhilarating gambling experience. With more than 2,300 slot machines and 600 tables, one can easily have the most extravagant casino experiences here. The area is well- illuminated by a chandelier studded with 1.32 lakh Swarovski crystals. Also, there are four different levels within the casino, all of them under the majestic boat-shaped roof.

Other amazing casinos you should explore are – Resorts World Sentosa Casino (the first Casino in Singapore) and Aegean Paradise Cruise Casino.

Gambling in London

Although London has a stereotypical image, the gambling scene is quite popular in the English capital. So, if you are traveling to London, you should not be surprised if you come across some amazing casinos here. In London, gambling actually dates back to the millennia. Being home to Empires that owned the grandest riches, casinos are a significant part of history here.

Best Casino in London: Hippodrome Casino

The Hippodrome is one casino that you simply cannot miss out on when in London. With three exceptionally themed casinos offering some outstanding table gaming, slots, and electronic games, there is a lot to explore here. Also, there is an entire floor dedicated to poker that you should definitely try out. Also, the Hippodrome is the only casino located in central London that features a dice table. The place is an icon of the West End and is also the largest entertainment venue in the UK. You should also consider visiting Grosvenor St Giles Casino and Horizons Casino while you are here.

London and Singapore are among the best gambling hubs in the world. And we are sure that this information will help you pick the best casinos in both cities the next time you travel there and look forward to an exciting evening.

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