How to Buy a Car From eBay

The auction site eBay is a great place to buy just about anything and millions of users around the world buy and sell a huge range of products each and every day. A friend of mine bought a car on eBay a couple of years ago and I must be honest, I thought that this was a bad idea at the time. I just felt that buying such an expensive item on the site would be fraught with danger but it actually turned out to be a great purchase, and an easy process. I followed in my friend’s footsteps and last year I too purchased a car from the auction site. I wanted therefore to share with you some tips on how to do it.

Know What You’re Buying

You can use the eBay motors page to see what is available and then make your choice in terms of what kind of car you want but I wouldn’t recommend this. Instead, you should already know what kind of car you are looking for, how many miles it should have on the odometer and what kind of condition you’d life it to be in.

Feedback or Go

Once you have found the car that you are interested in, the first thing that you should do is to check the sellers feedback and ratings on eBay. If the person who you are buying from has no history on eBay, ignore them immediately. This can make it difficult for first time sellers to get rid of their stuff, but for your own protection it is vital that you only pay attention to sellers with positive ratings.

Asking Questions

The thing that puts most people off buying a car from eBay is that they can’t see the car, test it out or look around and inside it. In order to ensure that the car you have found is the real deal, you should ask a huge amount of questions to the seller and gauge how genuine they are based on their answers.

Purchase Protection

The auction site gives sellers the option to add payment protection which means that when you get the car, if it is not as the description suggested, you will be within your rights to return the car for a full refund, with the support of the website. If the car that you have found does not offer this protection, don’t buy it.

Getting The Car

The person who sold the car to me lived over 15 hours away and one of the biggest concerns that I had was getting a hold of the car in the first place as I really didn’t fancy the road trip. Thankfully I used the comparison site Shiply to find car transportation for a great price, and they delivered my new vehicle directly to my door.

Don’t be put off by the horror stories, buying a car in this way is actually a very safe and secure way of buying and you can also get great deals.

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