Business Apps that Really Make a Productivity Difference

You can count on one had the amount businesses that are not embracing the new technology business tools. The reasone are simple, they improve productivty which has a direct impact on the bottom line. And also because if you are not taking this approach, you know your competition is and they have a huge advantage over you.

Now not all tech is good tech, but all tech categories need to be explored to mine the nuggets that are surely there. And as you do your mining understand that there will be a bit of a learning curve for you and your team to really utilize a lot of this new and interesting technology to its fullest. So never look back and only move forward quickly and as you move think about using the following tech to help you get there as quickly as possible.

Hiring Temporary Workers

Hiring temporary workers used to be a last ditch effort at companies. The quality of their work, the training needed to get them up to speed and the risk associated with having them at your business usually far outweighed the benefits of paying them less afforded. However a few companies have made things completely different today.

Shiftpixy provides temporary workers to companies utilizing a database of thousands of ready and trained workers looking for the type of work your company can provide. The result is that you get a trained and ready workforce on demand. Shiftpixy’s benefits to companies are powerful and include:

  • Access mobile/contingent workforce in real-time
  • Shift all reporting & compliance without compromise or failure
  • Superior end-to-end technology
  • Turn open shifts into a broadcast to several qualified and available shifter candidates
  • Cap and decrease escalating workers compensation costs
  • “Shifters” (workers) can access and pick shifts real-time through the ShiftPixy mobile app
  • Co-employment options for maximizing your growth strategy and liberating your business

The company utilizes a powerful app that schedules and coordinates workers with your company.

Remote Desktop Software

Today’s companies rarely have all of its employees under one roof anymore. Some are in other cities or countries working at other offices, others are in the field all the time, while others work from home. When members of a company team are spread out and are working on a project together, nothing can get them working as a cohesive group as effectively as a shared screen.

The old way to get this done was to utilize videoconferencing software. While this software does allow passive screen-sharing, and a limited lever of interaction, participants on videoconferencing calls are unable to make changes on shared computer screens and to react powerfully in the moment when ideas are being exchanged.

Remote desktop software is the next level of videoconferencing.

They work on every desktop and mobile platform and allow them to work together seamlessly. They positions participants to share desktops and a shared computer as the foundation for conferencing. In this setting everyone can participate fully. The approach helps make teamwork efficient and pushes ideas and agendas forward. Also because each member has remote access to each other’s computers new level of interaction can occur.

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