8 Figure Dream Lifestyle Reveals How to Stay Motivated and Achieve all You Desire

Some people find it really difficult to become motivated and, if they do find some motivation, they find they lose it again very quickly. According to 8 Figure Dream Lifestyle, however, it actually isn’t all that difficult to be motivated all the time, and to have this lead you to success. You may have noticed that people who are motivated are far more successful. You never seem to see Richard Branson, Steve Jobs, or Warren Buffet without a smile on their face. While even they will have the occasion bad day, they don’t let that set them back. They are motivated and they are driven, and this gives them the will to do everything that they want to do. Motivation is, in essence, a can do attitude.

8 Figure Dream Lifestyle on How to Get and Stay Motivated

  1. Nothing you do in life is tedious or mundane. It all serves a greater purpose, which is helping you to achieve your dreams. You cannot live in a beautiful, clean home if you don’t empty the dishwasher, for instance. Remember the rewards and how much satisfaction it will give you. A job half done is a job not done at all, and those results will never get you motivated. Hence, do those little, boring tasks and see how big of a difference they make.
  2. Stop your thoughts from wondering around. You need to become focused, but on one task at a time. If you are thinking about what you will need to do at 4pm when it is only 9am, you will have way too many things going on in your head. Focus on the moment, on what is happening right now. That is the essence of Mindfulness, something that has been scientifically proven to be beneficial.
  3. Lie to yourself if you have to. This may seem weird, but it works. If you’re worried about having to spend one hour in the gym, lie to yourself and say you only have to do 10 minutes. Or even five. That is because it will be enough to get you going and, once you are there, you won’t want to leave. It’s about giving yourself some momentum.
  4. Commit publicly to doing better. If you tell other people that you are going to do something, then you’re more likely to actually go and do it, because you don’t want to become known as that person who is full of hot air.
  5. Use positive affirmation. For some people, this is a bit too airy fairy, but it actually works. Having a simple post-it note that says “YOU matter” on your mirror will help you to remember that you do actually matter. Perhaps, after a while, you won’t need positive affirmations that are as obvious as those anymore, but you will always need some and you have to start somewhere.

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