7 Powerful Tricks For Landing Page Design

When it comes to online marketing, you really want to be able to catch your potential customers’ attention easily and without needing to spend the earth on promotions. If this sounds like something you struggle with, check out these seven powerful tricks to help design the perfect landing page that will have people wanting to learn more about you and your products.

Keep It Snappy

One thing people don’t want to do on a landing page is read block after block of text. Keep it simple, snappy and ideally under about three hundred words or so.

Entice Action

A call to action of some kind, such as a subscriber button, a button to sign up to be a member of a site or something similar is a great way to entice people to become more engaged and connected with your business.

Focus Only On The Landing Page

Remove any links that take people away from the landing page itself – except the call to action link. This will ensure they stay on the landing page and engage the call to action.

Make It Engaging

The use of photos or videos will make a landing page more engaging and interesting to potential customers and visitors than just numerous blocks of text. Videos and images are definitely your friends!

Add Some Reviews

You want to build trust with potential new customers and a great way to do so is through reviews or testimonials. Ask former customers if their reviews of your business can be included on your sites or in newsletters and the like. This will help show that people have engaged with your business and the experience they had.

Use Colours To Set A Vibe

Colours can make or break an impression. Try to use bright – but not circus like – colour schemes in your landing pages and general business colour themes. Going too dark will drive people way, but so will going too ‘out there’ with neons or fluorescent shades.

Test Out Different Aspects

While it will take awhile, try to test out different aspects of your landing page to see what gets the most conversions. Is it a brighter, bigger call to action button? More text? Less text? A better video? More photos? Pick one aspect every couple of weeks and monitor your conversions to see which has the best results for optimum conversion rates.

Hopefully these handy tips will help you develop the best landing page for your business to create powerful conversions with return and quality customer relationships!

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