5 Straightforward Tips for Safe Shipping

From helping you move your essential possessions when you travel overseas, to enabling you fulfill customer orders from around the world, shipping can make life easier in several ways. However, there is always a risk when something is sent out of your control, however, there are ways that you can minimize the risks when it comes to damaged goods for either yourself or your customers.

Best Practices for Safe Shipping

The risks to your packages are not new or unforeseeable. These include things like theft, accidents, political turmoil, and so on. While you cannot possibly predict every single source of risk, there are a few tried and tested solutions to prevent most types of problems with shipping proactively. Here are the five straightforward tips to safe shipping:

1. Only Use New, Sturdy Boxes

This one may seem fairly obvious, but then you would be surprised at the number of people who attempt to ship off items using boxes that have seen much better days. A new box will be better able to withstand the wear and tear of the journey, along with other potential stressors.

2. Double Box Delicate Items

Delicate items such as electronics may need some added protection to insulate them from the shocks on the motion. One way to provide this is to wrap up smaller boxes inside bigger boxes, and provide some padding between the two.

Individual items will also need to be padded within their smaller boxes, and you can achieve this using material like foam.

3. Seal with Duct Tape

To provide some exterior support for the structural integrity of the box, be sure to use sturdy material such as nylon reinforced filament and duct tape to support the seams and other parts of the external structure.

4. Clear Labeling

Getting your package to reach its destination is probably a priority. In achieving this, clear, accurate labeling of the destination address is important. When you work with a good shipping and logistics provider, they will aid in this process or may even provide you with a printable label for your package.

Some extra care might be necessary, given that, in the course of getting handled by multiple people and surfaces, your package may sustain some damage to its labeling. To prevent this, be sure to label both any inner and boxes clearly. You may, additionally, perhaps consider including some of your information via a business card or other such means.

5. Consider Shipping Insurance

With shipping, you cannot preempt every single source of risk. This is particularly so when you are shipping over very long distances. If you are shipping for business purposes, in particular, getting insured will help to protect your interests.

Are you ready to start shipping? One final tip would be to only work with a reputable shipping company. With a reputable shipping company, many of the concerns you may such as packaging and labeling will be taken care for you by experienced professionals, leaving you with peace of mind.

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