4 Strategies to Improve Your Ecommerce Web Design and Boost Sales

The eCommerce industry is growing at a fast rate, but it does not mean that every company is simultaneously improving at the same speed. Whether in terms of slow sales, or boosting customer online engagement, there are many ways you can achieve your business goals and get higher revenue.

At the heart of every eCommerce company is excellent web design. Details such as your company logo, website usability, and general appearance should be smart and cohesive to result in a positive experience for every site visitor. In this article, we will share strategies that can help grow your business through web design.

Focus on optimizing your site for mobile access

Accessing the internet using mobile devices are more commonplace these days. Young users especially, prefer to use mobile devices when they are on the go. These devices make online access more convenient; thus, reducing reliance on computers. It would be foolish for an eCommerce business not to recognize the need to optimize web design for mobile use.

Responsive web design means that it adjusts automatically to the size and type of screen used. Even sites that host bingo games are using the same strategy to appeal to a broader customer base. In addition to adjusting to different screen sizes, the website should also be user-friendly.

Optimizing your site’s load speed

Your business depends on the strength of your website. Users today are highly impatient and are easily deterred by slow loading speed. According to research conducted by Stanford University, 75% of users judge a business solely on their website. Another study shows that when a site reaches a loading speed of four seconds, the company will have lost at least 25% potential visitors.

It is recommended to avoid overcrowding your site with graphics. But, the point here is not to eliminate graphics entirely. What you need to do us choose a smart web design using these elements without sacrificing loading speeds.

Target existing customers with ads and emails

It costs less when you target existing customers to sell new products. Part of growing an eCommerce business requires paying attention to existing clients and making sure that they become repeat customers. Two ways you can achieve this goal is by sending email campaigns and remarketing advertisements. In today’s fast-paced marketing world, email is still considered one of the most effective methods of reaching out to net-savvy users who love to shop online.

Review shopping-cart design flaws

Another common stumbling block for many eCommerce businesses is the shopping cart. Many customers abandon their purchase at the last minute due to various reasons. What you need to do is conduct a survey and ask your clients what causes cart abandonment. Some of the reasons you may include a confusing checkout process, slow loading speeds, and bugs.

These four suggestions are only a few of what you can do to enhance the web design. But, these are perhaps some of the most important. Indeed, when you run an eCommerce business, your site is the lifeblood of your enterprise. You need to continually focus on what your client is saying and anticipate their wants so that you can improve engagement and boost sales.

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