4 Online Income Possibilities For Broke Students

The life of a student is not quite the paradise that many make it out to be and if you are anything like I was, you’ll know just what it feels like to not have 2 pennies to rub together. The way of the student however, has changed a great deal and these days it has never been easier for a student to make some extra cash using the internet.

Throughout the world there are people making millions of dollars through their online work and whilst you may not be able to reach those dizzying heights, there are plenty of ways in which you can add an extra few dollars to your bank account each month. Let’s take a look at some of the ways that you broke students can make money online.


Filling out surveys online is a great way to make some extra money each month, without sucking up too much of your time. These surveys are uploaded by government agencies and private companies who wish to know a little more about their demographic. These surveys are quite long but the questions are incredibly simple and you can earn a few dollars for each survey which you complete. This is a great way to earn as you can do so whenever you want, and add some funds to your monthly balance.

Freelance Work

If you have some computing knowledge then you can put this to good use with freelance work online, flexible and well paid. Even if you do not have any specialist skills such as designing and coding, you can still find freelance jobs like email handling, administrative tasks and writing work. Again, this type of work gives you great flexibility and can help you to make a very good living on the side of your studies.


There are some blogs out there who are charging thousands of dollars for advertising space and influencing mentions and if you can build a blog up then you could too. Being in college is a great place to start a blog because you are surrounded by people who have similar interests, and similar ages to you. Using both the student community and people on social media, you need to push the blog content and attract heavy traffic to the site, do this and you could be making some excellent passive income.

YouTube Superstar

YouTube is about much more than a website where you can watch videos of bullies getting their comeuppance or animals fighting, you can also use it to make some money. The key to success on YouTube is that you are original, and that your content is of a very high standard. Make sure that whatever it is that you choose to do on YouTube, that you are adding value in some capacity, to the viewer. Once you have made your videos, the next piece of hard work will be to spread the news across the web about your videos, to drive traffic. Once the view count starts to rise on your videos, so too will the amount of money which you are making.

There are so many ways to earn online, find yours and go get that extra cash!

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