3 Easy Ways to Save Money When Travelling

Whether you’re travelling the word or just taking a family vacation, we’d all like to be able to save some money on our next trip. From flights to hotels to food, there’s a lot to spend money on and the costs can quickly add up – so, to help make your next trip more affordable, here are 3 easy ways to save money on travel:

  1. Travel at the cheapest times, and use indirect flights

You’re probably aware that flights are more expensive during peak season, but did you know that prices can fluctuate depending on the day of the week, or even the time you choose to travel? By using a flight comparison engine (there are many available online), you can compare prices across entire months, allowing you to see the cheapest days and times to fly. This can save you a lot of money before you even leave your home!

Similarly, if you’re happy with a longer journey, consider using indirect flights with a layover, as these are often dramatically cheaper than direct flights.

  1. Try a home rental rather than a hotel

Sites like AirBnB have made it much easier to rent an entire flat or home as a genuine alternative to a hotel, and they’re often much cheaper. You might be shocked at just how much money you can save by taking this approach, so it’s certainly worth exploring before you set off.

  1. Eat like a local

Often travellers will look to find food that they’re familiar with when they’re travelling, even opting for food that has been imported from their home country. By doing this however you’re paying a huge markup, and eating will likely become very expensive. Instead, try and eat like a local – not only will you get a more authentic experience, but it will be far cheaper, particularly if you’re away for more than a few days.

Bonus tip: Don’t take everything with you!

It’s tempting when travelling or taking a holiday to take everything you need with you, but this could actually end up more expensive when you consider baggage fees and replacing some of these items when you get home. Think about what you might be able to buy once you get there, and not only will your luggage be lighter and cost less, but you might find that things are cheaper where you’re going. For example, I needed some new sunglasses and spare glasses for my recent trip to Florida, but rather than fork out for Ray Ban glasses and shades in the UK, I opted to buy them when I arrived, taking advantage of the numerous outlet stores in the US. Not only did I save quite a bit of money, but it took up less space in my carry-on luggage!

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