Why Liposuction is a Great Way To Start Your Health Kick


Last year I was reading through the website of my local beauty clinic, Sono Bello, as I was looking at the Sono Bello reviews, a comment which someone left really spoke to me. This client had been in for a laser liposuction treatment in the clinic and she described how it was the perfect way to start losing weight. I had long thought that liposuction was a lazy way to get rid of fat, but after digging more into the subject, I realized just how much it could help give your diet a kick start. I decided to indulge in the liposuction and here is why I think that you should too.


One thing that many people who are trying to lose weight lack, is belief, the belief that they can look better, lose weight and be healthier. My experience of getting liposuction gave me instant belief that I could further lose weight with some commitment, careful planning and hard work. Since my liposuction, I have lost over 15 kilos and I am almost at my goal weight, I don’t think that this would have been possible without the liposuction giving me the head start that I needed.

Hard to Reach

More often than not, liposuction will target hard to reach areas in the body in terms of getting rid of fat. For example, I had some fat removed from my thighs during the liposuction treatment and this is an area of the body that even when I was slim, I struggled to lose fat from. Liposuction can really help you to target those areas that are notoriously difficult to burn fat from, and it can give you much confidence ahead of your diet.


Liposuction is not cheap and if you spend money on such a treatment, it is unlikely that you will want to pile the fat back on, that you have just paid to have removed. Beginning your diet with this kind of treatment is the best way for you to stick to your health kick once you get started as you will feel terrible if you simply put the fat right back on. Liposuction at the beginning of your diet can give you a type of pressure which will help you to stay focussed on your healthy eating plan.


In the first week after my liposuction, I received comment from friends and colleagues about losing weight. Now, whilst I knew that I hadn’t exactly done anything to lose this weight, I really loved getting the comments and they really inspired me to push on and lose even more. Confidence is a huge factor when it comes to body image and just from a handful of comments, I was immediately given the confidence boost that I needed, and the desire to go on to lose more weight.

If you want to give your health kick a boost, try liposuction to get things started.

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