What to Consider Before Purchasing Awning Systems


An awning system is a big investment for any homeowner, so it is important to carefully consider your choice before you pay a company to install one. If you deal with a bad company, they’ll provide substandard services that you’ll want to avoid. Consider these important factors when selecting a Melbourne company to fit modern awning systems on your home.

Know Your Supplier

Before you put down your hard-earned cash, you must know who you are dealing with. An awning system is a long-term investment that doesn’t come that cheap, before handing money over to anyone, you should first check their credentials. Even if you purchase a great product, you still need a company who has years of experience with installation and other services. The product may be great, but is the dealer just as good?

There are several ways to assess the dealer, here are three good methods to get you started:

  1. Online review sites
  2. Consulting with family, friends and acquaintances
  3. Speaking to the dealer about their experience and services

Services: Supplier or Installation Expert?

Prior to choosing a company to fit awnings on your property, you must find out whether they provide an installation service or are they just a supplier. If you are looking for a business to both supply and fit folding awnings in Melbourne or the surrounding suburbs, you must speak to a company representative or check their website before you decide to work with them.

It is advisable to use a company who stand behind their installation service and not someone who uses subcontractors. You should also find out whether they offer a warranty on their installation. In addition, ask whether their warranty includes future adjustments or maintenance.


The type of fabric they use when creating the awning is important, try and find something that is 100% acrylic. Acrylic material is extremely durable and perfect for dealing with harsh outdoor environments, it won’t rot or lose its visual appeal. It is also the same colour and pattern on both sides, which makes it look more stylish. A high-quality acrylic fabric that is properly sewn will last anywhere from 10 to 12 years, depending on the environment and how well it is maintained.

How Does It Operate?

You have two choices when it comes to buying awning systems, either go with a manual unit or purchase an automated system. Initially, you may feel that a motorised unit is too expensive, but it is a great investment. Typically, an automated awning system works with a hand-held remote or wall switch. If you’d like to operate a more convenient awning system, it is advisable to invest in an automated awning.

There are many things to consider before buying an awning system, the company you choose is vitally important. The best way of finding a reputable organisation is to speak to friends and family, you can also review businesses online to see how people rate them and their services. Awnings are great for numerous reasons, they can be fitted almost anywhere, and they last for many years.

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