Vinyl flooring that maintains excellence

Home renovations are in full swing and the competition is heating up. There are an abundance of options and that seems to work as a disadvantage to those who are looking to find the best.

If you’re reading this and nodding, then keep reading! We’ve got plenty of handy hints for those looking for total quality and style from their new flooring, so that you can really stay ahead of the competition for years to come.

Fast fitting

The rumours are true. Click and glue down methods are the best flooring fitting solutions on the market. So, if you come across a range which encompasses this fitting method then you’re onto a winner.

The process of fitting flooring with this method involves cutting the planks to size and simple gluing or ‘clicking’ the plank or tile into place. If you do choose the glue down method, remember to leave the area foot traffic-free for at least 48hrs to allow the adhesive to set.

Quick clean

Do the hours you spend cleaning only seem to increase as years go by?

Well, get ready to have much more free time on your hands. Vinyl flooring incorporates moisture resistant and anti-scratch technology which means that per week you need approximately 30 minutes to deep clean your vinyl flooring and even less to give it a simple sweep.

The best part? You don’t even need to splash out on the latest cleaning technology, just a simple mop with a soap solution after a quick sweep will have your flooring looking state-of-the-art in no time at all.

Everything else

The versatility of vinyl flooring is incomparable to other flooring materials and even natural flooring styles such as wood and stone.

Vinyl flooring gives you border and layering pattern options, not to mention that the vividness of the colours and textures is protected by it’s moisture resistant layer so you’re installing a superior option to authentic materials and laminate.

Who does it best?

Luxury vinyl flooring is increasingly rapidly in popularity. Vinyl flooring stockists across the country are swamped with demand for this revolutionary material which is improving modern lifestyles. So, how can we find a supplier who can meet our demands and help us beat the competition?

Amtico is one of the nation’s favourite suppliers, who has brought the Amtico Spacia into the homes of many. Using Click Smart technology for all of their Signature wood designed planks means you get air-tight installation and a healthy wood style for decades.

Every room in your home can withstand domestic accidents if only it had vinyl flooring installed. For the simplest fitting, biggest saving and most satisfaction from your home renovation, choose luxury vinyl flooring.

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