Tips To Save Money In The Kitchen This Year

Need to save some money in the kitchen this year? These six tips are easy to achieve and perfect for the frugal you that you’re going to be in 2021. Not only will it help you save money, but it will make cooking a breeze, too!

Avoid pre-chopped veg

If you’re in the habit of buying pre-chopped vegetables and pre-prepared vegetables, don’t feel bad about it, we all need a little helping hand from time to time. The only problem is, these pre-prepped veg packets are expensive and a waste of single-use plastic bags. Do your own by spending a bit of extra time chopping and blanching your own veg and freezing it in ziplock bags. You can do loads in one sitting, so you’re saving time and money in the kong run! If you really don’t have the time, consider buying frozen veg to ensure that the veg you buy doesn’t go off.

Clothes Pegs On Packaging

Packaging has got to be the bane of most budding cooks. Just thinking about those poorly designed packets that split and fall over everywhere, and those sticky labels never keep the packages shut, so when you get back to them, the contents are either stale or have fallen all over your cupboards is painful.

Avoid this money-wasting disaster by using clothes pegs to keep packaging shut. Either fold the top or twist the top of the bag and secure it with a clothes peg. Easy and simple!

Give Your Kitchen A Makeover (so you’ll use it more)

Believe it or not, one of the best ways to start saving money in your kitchen is to actually get in there and start using it! So many people avoid their kitchen because it’s ugly and disorganized, making working there an absolute nightmare. It’s time you gave your kitchen a makeover to it will work for you and encourage you to get in there and cook. Check out for some great ideas to spruce up your kitchen.

Invest In Lunchboxes

Lunchboxes come in all shapes and sizes and you should be investing in lunchboxes!

Not only will they encourage you to actually take lunches to work rather than grab fast food, but you can use lunchboxes around your kitchen for storing leftovers and for heating leftovers, as well as spare mixing bowls when the time calls for it!

Make Your Own Dressings For Salad

How many times have you gone out and bought a fancy dressing for your salad and been disappointed that not only does it not really taste that great, but you’ve now got yet more single-use plastic that you don’t need, and you’ve spent money on something you probably could have made?

Making your own salad dressings is fairly easy, and there are loads of recipes online. Money-saving bonus alert: you can save any extras in a jar in the fridge too!

Cook In Real Oils

Did you know that most of those easy spray-on cooking oils are full of nasty stuff you really don’t want to eat? Probably not, as they are so convenient to use. They’re also expensive, though!

You can save a lot of money by swapping back to traditional cooking oils like olive oil or vegetable oil. Butter also works for a bit of indulgent butter-fried bacon, as does coconut oil for a healthier alternative. Lard roasted potatoes still win every Sunday roast competition going.

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