Incredible Ways to Propose to your Girlfriend or Your Boyfriend

If you are looking for inspiration on how to propose to your girlfriend, boyfriend or significant other – we have all the info you need to make a memorable proposition. We know how hard it is to plan these things; especially when they will remember them forever. Don’t panic though, we have all the tricks of the trade up our sleeve for you to fall back on! Also, and because due to the pandemic, taking your partner to his/her dream destination might prove to be difficult, you should definitely take advantage of private jet charters – besides being comfortable, they’re extremely romantic. Check out this list of the best ones.

The Best Way to Propose to your Partner

In order to find out the best ways to propose to your partner, we need to look at all of the ways you shouldn’t do it. Some proposals have been either overdone or done in public with media attention. If you go down either of these paths your SO is going to think you are cliched… and nobody wants to be ‘that’ couple.

So… Here are the proposals you shouldn’t make:

  • Don’t propose while drunk. Ever. You will only end up having to do it properly later on.
  • Don’t get down on one knee in a restaurant. It’s boring and overdone, even if you do get a free souffle.
  • Don’t propose ‘for Christmas’ and buy your partner a real present, you grinch.
  • Do you NEED to do it on Valentine’s Day? Wouldn’t it be better to do it the night before, surprise everyone, and then have the Valentine’s Day you have always wanted?
  • Don’t get the kid to do it unless you are a thousand percent they will say yes. Otherwise it’s just emotional blackmail.

So now that we have covered that essential don’ts; let’s look at what you can do, to make it a special occasion.

Inspiration for those About to Propose

Taking the time to plan something special is a gift in itself. Don’t devalue the process. Admit how long it took you to plan the damned thing and lap up the praise… but that comes afterward. Some of our best advice for incredible proposals include:

  • Contact Essex Escorts and hire a ‘fake’ admirer to flirt with you all night. This fun method ends with your partner confronting you, and the escort providing your ring!
  • Use your partner’s hobby, interest, or social life, to your advantage.
    • If your partner is an avid horse rider, get her stable involved. If your man is a fireman, get the fire trucks involved… use what they love and incorporate it into the design.
  • Send a letter.
    • Everyone loves to receive a letter – and a love letter is maybe the best thing you ever get in the post. Send the letter and wait with the ring…
  • Advertise!
    • Go somewhere you usually go because you both love it, and have them put an advert As a double bonus you might get free stuff for life!
  • Take him Somewhere!
    • Go away for a city break, spend a few days in a romantic setting, then tell them the price amounts to one wedding.

And Finally…

Good luck out there. Marriage is hard – but proposing is harder. We hope you found the SO of your dreams… and that they say “yes”, of course!

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