In Hot Pursuit of Baseball and Apple Pie

Traveling around the country by car is as American as baseball and apple pie.   So of course, there are those who travel around the country in pursuit of baseball and apple pie.  What better way to celebrate all three, than by planning to visit the 30 major league baseball parks across the country.  In fact, there are those who have made traveling to all the major league baseball stadiums an item on their bucket lists.  Some only view it as a casual hobby and want to reach their goal by car.   Others use a variety of transportation modes, with the end goal of seeing as many stadiums as possible in one season.  The uber ambitious seek to crisscross the nation visiting all 30 in one month – and it has been done.

If you look at the locations of the 30 stadiums on a map, you know you’ve got to do some ambitious driving to make it to all of them in a short period of time.  That means making plans for meals, lodging and rest along the way.  All that travelling can take a toll on the body, however, and that’s why it would be smart to be a membership of 24 Hour Fitness.  Not only do they have centers in every major U.S. city, your membership is good no matter where you go.  Traveling long distances by car puts pressure on your legs, neck and back.  Taking a cool plunge into a swimming pool then heating up with a visit to the sauna is the ideal way to relax and stretch those tired achy muscles.

24 Hour Fitness offers clean, well-stocked and well-staffed facilities plus the latest equipment, tons of classes and you can save money on your membership by using a 24 Hour Fitness coupon from Groupon.  Right now, you can save 10% and qualify for a Free 3-Day Trial membership or use one of many other codes to unlock great savings.  They have special Friends and Family deals, codes for free personal training and coaching, plus dollars off a consultation with sign up.  For those who plan to journey around the country checking out the hallowed ground of some of Americas most iconic major league baseball players, it makes good sense to be in good physical shape when you arrive.  Having a membership to 24 Hour Fitness makes this possible and economical.

If you’re into baseball, you know you’ve got to have strong, toned muscles and the stamina to stay in the game.  Speed, accuracy, and endurance are hallmarks of great athletes and of those who endeavor to be like them.  Even if you only want to take a selfie in front of the stadium, jump back into the car and race off to the next city, you’ll appreciate the convenience of the local 24 Hour Fitness center in the town at the end of the day.  Membership definitely has its privileges, and after a long day of windshield time, you’ll be glad to exercise yours.  So whether you’re taking off across country this year in pursuit of America’s favorite pastime as a spectator or stadium chaser, you should consider getting a discounted membership with a 24 Hour Fitness coupon.  The have the largest privately-owned chain in the world, offer the best amenities and are conveniently located to serve you.  Plus, you’re gonna need a way to work off all that pie.

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