How to excel at DIY

Some people really enjoy redecorating, and remodelling their homes, while others prefer to let the professionals do all the hard work. However, it may be that you just can’t afford to pay someone else to take are of these kinds of jobs. If you need to save money by partaking in some DIY, or you want to find out how you can excel in this area, read our handy tips.

Get organised

It is tempting to begin a project as soon as you see a job that needs doing, but charging straight in without any preparation is a very bad idea. Take a look around your home and note what jobs need to be done around your home. Once this list is complete, write the jobs in priority order.

Timing is everything

Next you need to allocate each task a realistic amount of time. Some jobs can be quite easily completed within a day and others may need to be done over time. Assess whether you will be completing these tasks alone, or if there is someone who will be willing to help you, thus decreasing the amount of time it will take for each task. Never try to rush a DIY project as this will inevitably end in disaster. The best time to begin DIY is when you have extensive time off from work, and the kids are elsewhere. If having someone mind your children while you DIY isn’t an option, consider giving them small jobs to do to help which will keep them occupied.

Do your research

If you are a DIY novice you need to research how to do each task efficiently. This can be done easily by watching tutorials on YouTube or with DIY manuals. Should you be serious about getting into DIY, consider taking some short courses in a variety of home improvement programs. See investing in a short course as potentially saving you from future expense.

Use the right tools

Via your research you will learn what specific tools you need for each project. One of the must have pieces of kit you should own is the Dremel Tool Kit. Synonymous with DIY, Dremel creates easy to use, must-have tools that are perfect for home projects large or small. Ensure you have all the tools you need before beginning any DIY project, and also make sure you know how to use them! 

Know when you need a professional

Painting interiors, outside walls, doors, and minor decorating jobs are relatively easy DIY jobs. However, there is a point when DIY turns into more labour-intensive jobs that require expertise. Unless you know exactly what you are doing in terms of electrical jobs, or domestic remodelling, you may have to admit defeat and call in the professionals. Botched DIY jobs will end up costing you much more in the long run. Many tradespersons offer free evaluations, so take advantage of this and then assess whether you are capable of carrying out the jobs yourself.

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