A Guide To Styling Your Living Room On a Budget

Redecorating on a budget is not always easy and whilst it is most definitely achievable, it requires a little bit of thought and creativity from you. If you do plan on redecorating then the living room is the best place to start, a room which is seen by many and used often. Let’s take a look at just some of the ideas which you could employ when styling your living room, with a tight budget in mind.

Rethink and Re-Up

Very often all you need to do in your living room to give it a new lease of life, is to move things around. Try to make the most of the space which you have and consider different ways to place your furniture, your units and your television. Do this well, and you can have a new look living room without spending a penny.

Painting Power

Paint is highly affordable and can make a great impact on your living room design. Try to go bold with your colors so that the paint can have a stylish impression, in the same way that wallpaper would. When using the paints, try to block areas of your room with different colors, or highlight one wall which can be a feature wall.

Spend Wisely

If you do have some money in the budget for a larger expense, try to make a statement with it and invest in a classic piece of furniture, or something which can act as a real centerpiece for your room. Spending heavily on one item can be enough to transform a room.

Unique and Original

The key to keeping costs down is to get creative and add things into the living room which are original. Take a trip to the thrift shop and see if you can pick up something unique to hang on your wall, or place on your shelves.

DIY Masterpiece

Blank canvasses are very cheap to buy and you can get creative with paints and craft items, to make your very own masterpiece. Art is not something that most of us can judge and even if your creation looks a little wacky, it could add a really stylish touch to your living room.


To avoid paying out heavily for a new carpet, why not use the natural wood flooring which you already have, and utilize rugs to add some style. Using different rugs for each piece of furniture gives a really cool, layered effect and you can get rugs for far cheaper than carpets.

Be Bold

Don’t be afraid to be bold with your color and style choices, doing so will give the room a feel of real design, when actually you have only added some small pieces. For example, you could pick out some colorful cushions for your sofa to give the sofa, and your living room a new look. The key to winning on a budget  is about creating the illusion and in adding items in a bold way, you can do just that.

What are your living room style budget ideas? Let us know in the comments.

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