Guide On Shipping Fragile Items

Fragile items include anything that can be easily broken, from glassware to antiques and more.  These delicate items can be made of any material such as glass, crystal and ceramic.  Shipping products can be tough, but shipping fragile items can be even tougher.  Extra care has to be taken into account since if anything gets broken or damaged, you may have to bear the loss and also have a very unhappy customer!

Therefore, if your eCommerce business plans on shipping fragile items, be prepared to pack and ship them properly.  Fragile items may sound complicated to ship, but the process can be simple.  With extra care, shipping breakable items both locally and overseas will be much easier and less stressful. Here’s a quick guide on how to protect fragile items for shipping, the best packing materials to use and some tips for international shipping.

Choose a box that is only slightly larger than the item

By using a box that is slightly bigger than the product allows any remaining empty space to be filled with bubble wrap, air fill, or crinkle paper to keep everything in place. You do not want to use boxes that have too much space in them which may cause the contents to shift around. 

Wrap the item in cushioning material

If your products are are manufactured with supportive packaging and are stored loose then you will need to wrap them in a lot of bubble wrap.

Encasing the item

For very expensive or fragile items, you may want to make a foam enclosure for the package that is molded to its specific measurements. 

Use air pillows or packing peanuts

Be sure to fill any empty space with airbags, packing peanuts, or crinkle paper.

Label the box

A fragile sticker or label will let the shipping carrier know that they need to handle the box with care. Use multiple stickers to ensure they can be seen by carriers as long as they do not cover the shipping label.

Before selecting the best shipper for your fragile items, you need to know where you want to ship it, who offers the best value shipping solutions at the cheapest rates, the tracking system available and if picking up the parcel is feasible on their end. All of this will help you in evaluating which one is the best courier for fragile item shipping.

To start shipping fragile items, make sure to do the following:

Very carefully pack the object in a shipping box with an adequate amount of packing materials.

Research couriers and choose the best one based on factors like cost, delivery time and best value.

Obtain shipping insurance to minimize risks during transport.

Schedule a pickup for your package or drop it off at the courier location.  

Searching for the right fragile item shipping service can be time-consuming as you would have to search through various websites. This is where Shiply, an online shipping platform can help. Simply enter a few simple details about your fragile goods and just sit back while you wait for rated shipping companies to send you quotes within minutes.

This platform has a feedback and rating system that allows you to see previous user reviews and get a feel for the reliability of a shipping company. The shipping companies on Shiply can often quote up to 75% cheaper than the usual standard rate because they are already making similar trips and want to fill up space in their vehicles

Shipping fragile items for your ecommerce business does not have to be complicated. If you follow the proper steps, you can ensure your products are delivered without breaking.

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