Glo Makes Online Yoga Accessible To All

Glo is a company that is revolutionizing how everyday people practice yoga by offering online yoga, meditation and pilates instruction. The company in general is about mindfulness and access and the programs specifically cover virtually all disciplines of yoga so that each individual can find exactly what they are looking for.

Glo online yoga is for everyone, from beginners of the practice to masters of it. What all Glo learners have in common, however, is a desire to grow and develop physically and spiritually through quiet dedication in a world that is full of noisy distraction. Glo students can grow to love themselves and consequently do better in their interpersonal relationships.

Glo instruction

Glo recruits instructors from all over the planet; therefore classes are taught by the most uniquely qualified individuals. Whether you’re looking for vinyasa flow techniques, prenatal exercises or simple conditioning, Glo online yoga has you covered. The Glo platform allows users to look at instructor profiles before choosing from thousands of different classes to find precisely who and what is best for them.

Glo offers more than mere exercise tutorials. Rather, members are embarking along on a guided path on a journey that is designed to not only make them stronger and more limber but also heighten their awareness and appreciation of the energies that surround us. Practical benefits include sleeping better and being more flexible, and less tangible benefits include heightened self esteem and increased energy.

Beginners yoga

Just as kindergarten and first grade are some of the most critical years of a person’s education, beginning yoga classes are where people truly get off on the right or wrong foot in the practice. Glo offers programs that are only for beginners so that they aren’t intimidated by trying to learn around students with advanced skills. Whether the goal is to learn yoga in order to relax the shoulders and chest or to prepare for sleep, Glo classes offer the right alternative for virtually everyone, and, often, all that is required is a positive attitude and a blanket or mat to lie on.

Some classes even are designed for a specific time of year. The Change Is In The Air class, for instance, helps learners tap into the unique energies of autumn. Students come to understand how they can navigate the complexity of change by embracing the simplicity of transition.

Meditation classes

While Glo is best known for its online yoga classes, it also offers fantastic meditation instruction. Meditation helps people deal with stress. In a results-oriented world where society places all kinds of pressure on individuals to perform, practicing meditation leads to being better able to deal with spiraling stress or unexpected bad news.

Online community

The Glo digital platform is easy to use and full of useful links. By reading the Glo blog, Glo members can develop their techniques and philosophy. A recent entry gives advice on how to create the best practice space, for example. Learners are advised to on how to create a single space in their own homes to practice in that eventually is humming with energy and spirit. Visitors to the blog can learn about the Pose of the Week, which at the time of this writing is the Half Locust Pose, which builds back strength and enhances core effectiveness.

Glo is a company devoted not just to doing well but doing good. For example, the company recently participated in the LoveYourBrain organization’s effort to raise money to help victims of brain injuries and to do medical research in the field of neurology.

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