Getting Started with Landscaping


Home exteriors are fantastic ways for individuals to express their personalities. While it’s true that hiring professionals to do the job is the best bet for beginners, it’s always a great idea to first check out a number of areas that can be spruced up and doing the necessary; before calling the pros.

There are quite a number of landscaping ideas that any individual can take on without necessarily having to part with large amounts. Modern, beautiful yards don’t necessarily need to cost much. Most of the world renown creative designers who excel at their trade and constantly grace magazine shoots tend to use materials and plants that were easily sourced and are environmentally conscious. Landscapers and architects are accustomed to making full utility of re-useable creative materials that are low-maintenance, cheap or free. When plants are used, most people take into consideration the vagaries of nature and almost always go with the plants that need little care or water.


Before embarking on the landscaping journey, one needs to check what their compound looks like. Size can be a great determinant of the amount of time necessary to be spent. Prioritizing is also of the essence since it can get a lot more done in little time. Backyards and front yards need to be designed differently in order to add some luster to the overall outlook of the home. Those looking to seize some real estate opportunities can check out Housingpredictor.Com in order to see a fantastic assortment of properties that can be turned into homely locations.

Right Place, Right Time

Landscaping professionals refer to the addition of color and textures in the right places as softcaping. The process involves the addition of plants intentionally following laid out designs in order to make the yard appear superfluous all through the year.

Typically, most softcaping projects include about 25 shrubs, 60 perennial plants, boulder accents, 5 trees, and natural edging. Data provided by the U.S. Department of Energy has shown that by affixing trees at the right location, one can ably realize about $250 savings per annum in heating and cooling costs.

Decks and Patios

The great outdoors are a place of wondrous splendor. To really take in the sun and check out the environment, it is best practice to actually have a physical spot to absorb all the action. Decks or patios are ideal because they are extensions of the home in an external environment. Fun activities like evening cookouts and Sunday brunches al fresco. On average, patios cost about $6,400 and recoups about 102%. Wood decks tend to cost about $9,450 with a higher recoup value of 106%.

More Love for the Lawn

Working on the lawn is not only important for aesthetic purposes but also helps in rapidly improving the resell value of any property. Most lawn projects are not to had to do, plus there’s the added incentive of a whopping ROI of 303%!

Proper lawn maintenance is a four-step process:  fertilize, aerate, weed, and rake. Lawn maintenance is also rather inexpensive, the annual costs are about $330. After making an investment in the lawn, one can reap benefits of lush, barefoot-friendly lawns all year round.

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