Everything You Should Know Before Getting a Cat

Cats are smart, funny, and adorable and can make the most wonderful pet for the right person. However, you shouldn’t rush buying a pet, especially if you’ve never owned one before. So, before you head to your local adoption center or start seeking out breeders, here is everything you need to know about owning a cat.

The Cost 

To put it simply – cats are not cheap. They need feeding, grooming, and taking to the vet regularly. That’s not even including the upfront cost and any medical emergencies!

Of course, you can cut down on costs in some areas. If you want a more affordable veterinarian, then easyvet is competitive but still delivers excellent quality of care. Plus, you can usually find plenty of cat stuff online for a reasonable price. Just make sure you have more than enough money before you take your feline friend home!

It’s a Long Commitment 

Unlike rodents, cats’ lives are long, with some even living past twenty! Unless you are willing to home a cat for over two decades, then you should find another pet or adopt one who is already a senior.

They Need Space

If you decide to have an inside cat, they should have ample space to run around and play. Cats need exercise, so make sure your home has enough room for your cat to dash back and forth and use cat toys around the place. Otherwise, you’ll end up with a grumpy ball of fluff waking you up in the early hours!

They Enjoy Routine 

Cats like to know what is happening each day, so make sure you can give them structure before getting a cat. They won’t appreciate their dinner being late!

They Enjoy Affection – but Not Too Much 

Despite the bad rep, most cats enjoy a cuddle and a stroke, but they can get tired of it rather quickly. In fact, recent studies show that cats do love their owners. Despite this, they can also get moody when you give them too much attention, so avoid this.

It’s better to view your cat as an independent being rather than something you own, as they won’t come running like a dog will (unless you’re shaking their bowl!). Of course, every cat is different, but generally, they can be more aloof than dogs.

Inside is Usually Better

While you will want to give your cat the fullest life, outside can pose plenty of dangers. They could catch flees, get into fights, and even end up with a second owner! For this reason, it’s best to either keep your cat inside or only allow them outside while you’re with them. Some people even take their cats on walks.

They Give What You Put In 

Some people swear cats are uncaring creatures, but that is not true – they give what you put in. If you put in the effort and educate yourself, you will see just how loving and adorable cats are.

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