Delicious Vegetables that are Easy to Grow Yourself

Throughout lockdown, many people have taken up new hobbies. These include reading, knitting, yoga, and, as will be discussed in this article, gardening. As more people take to remodeling their gardens with a variety of different plants, some have decided to be much more practical and start growing their own vegetables. If you would like to do this but aren’t sure where to start, consider the below.

How Should You Grow Vegetables?

There are many different ways you can effectively grow vegetables, but which is right for you? Should they be in a greenhouse? Plant pots? The Ground? The answer varies depending on the results that you are hoping to obtain.

A greenhouse is a fantastic addition to any vegetable plot as it allows for growth all year round. They can help hardy vegetables grow quicker than if they were planted outdoors, and they allow for the earlier harvest of tender plants. They also allow for more exotic plants that require more heat, such as sweet potatoes, okra, and melons. A great place to buy a greenhouse if you want to reap these benefits is

That being said, though they are a great advantage, you don’t necessarily need a greenhouse to begin growing vegetables.

What Vegetables Should You Grow?

Undoubtedly, if you are new to growing vegetables, you may wish to start with some of the easiest to get good results from. These include the following:

Salad Leaves

It’s very simple to grow and produce crunchy fresh salad leaves with a variety of different textures and flavors. These should be planted throughout the summer months and normally only take about three weeks until they are ready to be harvested. Their other benefit is that they will continue to grow, which means they are good value for money as you can harvest them again and again.


Who doesn’t love to add a bit more flair to their salad with some crunchy, peppery radishes? They’re incredibly easy to grow and can be sown directly into the ground. If allowed to grow throughout the summer, the end result will be a multitude of colorful, crunchy crops.


It’s no wonder that this trouble-free and delicious crop is such a popular choice amongst first-time growers, especially given their simplicity. By sowing them straight into the ground from March to June, you’ll be able to look forward to the sweet flavor of freshly picked peas throughout the whole summer.

Spring Onions

Spice up your salads with a tangy crunch thanks to the help of some quick-growing Spring Onions. A top tip: if you plant these along with some mint, you’ll deter onion fly.

Onions and Garlic

These are a very popular choice for new gardeners as they are virtually maintenance-free crops. By simply planting onion bulbs and garlic cloves on some well-drained soil either in the spring or the autumn, leaving them be and harvest in the summer, and you’ll be good to go!


Gardening is an incredibly fun activity; not only is it peaceful, but it looks beautiful, and if you grow different fruits and vegetables, incredibly practical. There are many different ways to grow, be it in a greenhouse, pots, or ground. The vegetables you can grow will depend on your methods; however, the above are some incredibly straightforward varieties to get you started.

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