Create Comfortable and Beautiful Living Spaces with the Noguchi Freeform Sofa and Ottoman

Isamu Noguchi’s Cloud Freeform Sofa and ottoman boast a biomorphic, organic shape that is a direct extension of Isamu’s creative sculptural aesthetic. The raw beauty of this décor piece blurs the line between art and design, making it a timeless entity, immortalized as a trendy asset. Normally when you think of decorating a space, couches are pivotal. But because couches are instrumental to really locking-in the right room synergy, you have to be aware of how well the dimensions, colors, and materials work together. All it takes is the right combination of a few key elements, and so we’ve rounded up a couple of interesting ideas for you to browse through:

1. Infuse a pop of character:


One of the many benefits of acquiring the Noguchi Sofa and Ottoman is the ability to select from a wide range of colors and materials like cashmere, velvet and boucle wool. The lovely illustration above portrays how you can inject a touch of individuality and diversity. This quirky layout features blush tones in accents combined with eccentric decoration pieces like funky lamps, cherry art, animal sculptures, vibrant and patterned cushions, etc. All of these contribute to creating a truly dynamic and attention-grabbing space.

2. Embrace multiple aesthetics simultaneously:


The curvaceous design and bold character of the Noguchi Sofa are part of the numerous pieces in his portfolio, all of which share a common spirit i.e. one of lyrical abstraction, flow and tempo, and harmonious balance. Captured above, you can see that a wide range of inspirational items is clustered into a singular space, adding character to the room. This thought-provoking scheme displays a mixture of bold art pieces, a flood of books and a kind of classism that is both exotic and visually stimulating. This is a good example of hard-edged modernist shapes

3. Contemporary furnishings create a peaceful and calming space:


The space pictured here appears simple in its design, yet each and every element clearly has a distinct purpose. All of which is tied together with the exquisite Noguchi Sofa and ottoman. You can stick to natural lighting and lighter colored freestanding couches, in colors like whites and cream. Also, you can place them atop polished mahogany flooring and unobtrusive, supplementary items like a small side table and origami lamps. As a result, you can replicate a Feng-Sui style. This is perfect to reenergize yourself whilst achieving a Zen-like state.

4. Minimalistic yet impactful:


The Noguchi sofa doubles as both an aesthetic beauty and practical addition to any indoor living space. The arrangement above shows how a modern living room often features sleek line furnishing amidst a soothing palette. By choosing a white wall, you allow the limited furniture pieces to pop in this contemporary living room. Also, it gives this area an effortlessly clean feel. The ravishing sofa looks sublimely inviting with its hushed undertones and low-key color scheme of muted blue and brown cushions. This linear environment exudes calm, contemporary vibes without creating clutter or overpowering the room.

5. Treasure a comfy corner:


Regal, stylish and bursting with modern sophistication. The sample above is a beautiful sketch of pairing creativity with tasteful designing, using the Noguchi Sofa and Ottoman. This curvaceous and invitingly iconic piece of modern furnishing hosts a color palette. When paired with curvilinear furniture and bowed shapes strikes the perfect balance of fresh and warm. If you want to create a lounging area that calms the senses then its best not to pile on too many additional decorative ornaments. A little goes a long way, as you can see here.

No matter your tastes, there is a myriad of design elements and products to play around with. The guideline above lists spaces that vary in everything from style to layout. It offers you an idea of what you might like in your home. Also now you know what you’ll want to avoid.

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