Best Casino Games For First Timers

Heading to the casino for the first time can be an incredibly daunting experience, the lights, the noise, the general confusion, plus the fact that it seems like everyone else but you knows exactly what they are doing. Don’t panic however, everyone is a first timer at some point and as long as you stay focussed and relaxed, you will be able to enjoy this experience rather than feeling overwhelmed by it.

There are now casinos in more than half of the states in the U.S. When you walk into one, like Jackpot Junction casino in MN, the idea for the majority of visitors is not to win enough money to pay off their mortgage, but rather to enjoy themselves, play a little, win some, lose some, maybe take in a show or eat at one of the restaurants, and walk away with a smile on your face. In order to ensure that this best explains your upcoming experience in the casino, here are the best games which you should use to get started.


Few games are quite as iconic when one thinks of casinos than that lasting image of the white ball uncontrollably bouncing around the spinning roulette wheel. This is not a difficult game to learn and it is super simple to play, even better is that you can choose your own level of risk, depending on how lucky you’re feeling. For example, betting on a single number, will give you the longest odds, but you could also go red or black, giving you a near-50/50 probability of winning. There are plenty of winning roulette tips which you can find, just remember is a fun game and you can bet as little or as much as you like, and still have a great time.

Black Jack

A lot of games are weighted in favour of the house, they are after all a business, but with black jack or 21, the odds are only really weighted in the house’s favour by around 1%. This is a game which combines chance and skill and the idea is not to always reach 21, but just to ensure that you have a higher number than the house when the dealing is done. As you play more and more black jack you will learn new styles and skills, but getting started is super easy.


If you don’t like the pressure which being at the tables has then why not go and hit the slot machines where it will just be you and the machine battling it out. If you want a flutter but you’re not interested in spending too much money, go and load up with quarters and then see how much cash you can win on the many themed slot machines that casinos have. Make sure that you set a time limit however, as these machines are addictive and you can easily lose track of time.

Casinos are  place to have fun and whilst you will see some people there betting insane amounts of money, the idea is to go, gamble, lose, win, and walk out feeling great.

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