Beat Mild Flu Symptoms with these Six Remedies

The flu can really knock you down and put you up in bed for days, sometimes even a week or more. A more likely outcome, however, is that you will experience only mild flu symptoms, symptoms that don’t stop you from getting chores, errands, and even work done. Whereas before, you might have been sent home for a light cough, now you can “work through it” at home.

Mild flu symptoms are more than just annoying; they can drag on for days and weeks if you don’t take the time to rest and fully recover. If taking time off isn’t a possibility, you can beat your mild flu symptoms with these six remedies:

A Flu-Fighting IV You need your immune system to fight the virus, so an IV flu recovery package can help you kickstart the recovery process and even reduce the symptoms of the flu considerably, all through a medical-grade saline solution.

Drink Plenty of Fluids

If you have the flu, you need to hydrate. Sweating, vomiting, digestive issues – all of these common symptoms of flu mean we lose more fluid when we are sick than we normally do. Staying hydrated can help our bodies process and beat the cold faster.

Water alone is okay, but for better results, try coconut water, sports drinks (with electrolytes), herbal teas, fresh juice, soups, and raw fruit and vegetables.

Increase Your Zinc Intake

Zinc is a powerful fighter against cold and flu symptoms, and, thankfully, you can get your zinc intake from a variety of sources, making it a good choice for vegans and those with celiac disease and other allergies alike.

Zing, along with iron, is commonly thought of as prevalent in red meat and even fish, but lentils, chickpeas, beans, nuts, and seeds also contain the zinc you need to feel better faster. They can also be much easier to make and eat when you are feeling sick.

Calm Sore Throat with Saltwater

If you have a sore throat, an easy and effective natural remedy is to gargle saltwater. In a standard 8oz glass of water, you will want to mix in just half a teaspoon of salt. Gargle the water, then spit it out. Repeat this three to four times for the best results.

Use a Humidifier, Steam, or Shower

Steam is a great way to open up the sinuses, and this can be achieved with a humidifier, steam bowl, or even a shower. Just make sure the steam isn’t from boiling water, as this can actually scald and burn your sinuses instead of opening them up.

Avoid These Foods

Your stomach will be sensitive while you are sick with the flu, so eat lighter meals throughout the day. You will also want to avoid dairy, caffeine, meats, spicy foods, fried foods, foods that contain high levels of fat, and, of course, alcohol. Your body has a decreased ability to process these foods, and there are better, easier-to-digest alternatives to ensure you continue to get the vitamins you need after your booster IV.

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