5 Ways to Make Your Bathroom More Luxurious

Latest tendencies show that besides kitchen and family room remodelling, bathroom renovations top the lists of favourite home improvement projects. One things that particularly stands out is the desire to go beyond just putting up new tile work and replacing old fittings and elements, and work on designing a true luxurious sanctuary that offers enjoyment as well as practicality.

It may sound overwhelming at first, but it’s actually quite easy to transform a simple bathroom into a chic and stylish space. Here are some of the best tricks and tips you can use.

Colour choice

The colours you choose for your bathroom have a powerful effect on its overall feel. Most people would go for a soothing and relaxing scheme, so the best choice is to pick neutral colours such as whites, off whites, cremes, grays, mint and other natural and soft hues.

This type of palette leaves a lot of room for expressing your creativity and giving room for your personal touch. They combine excellently with metallic and shiny surfaces and finishes, art work and all the other details that will elevate the room to the level you desire.

Striking details

Even if you’re not doing a complete renovation of your bathroom, you can still introduce a few striking details that can revamp a dull space. A custom mirror is a must-have item in every bathroom, so make it stand out. Pick a statement mirror in the style you prefer – metallic, rustic, retro or shabby chic. If you match it to your vanity and light fixtures, you’ll have a beautifully defined interior.

If the space allows it, pick one wall and accent it with a wallpaper – the pattern can be a bright-coloured pink flamingo or a zebra on a striking blue background, or you can tone it down with a cool and elegant geometrical shape. This element will surely add a luxurious twist to the room.

Bathtub as a focal point

Bath tubs are beautiful features that always add a touch of class and elegance and promise of a quiet and relaxing end of a long busy day. Installing free standing or stand-alone bath tubs will shift the room focus and bring you closer to that spa-like feeling. With matte or brass fittings and claw-foot bases, you’ll invite the flair of past times. Or you can go completely minimalistic and opt for a modern and sleek oval tub that will flatter the space and enhance its elegance.

Elegant touches

With a few elegant touches, you can completely transfigure your bathroom. For instance, scented candles don’t only look very pretty, but they also make the room smell beautiful and create a relaxed and warm ambiance. Pick neutral and soothing smells and place them in modern containers.

Details in gold and silver colours are sure to give the bathroom a look of luxury, such as the sink knob, faucets, towel racks, containers and mirror frames.

Display your perfumes, cremes and lotions in beautiful vintage containers or trays, and accessorize your vanity with a candle and a vase with flowers. Such details will make the bathroom seem like a piece of art


We need our bathrooms to be functional, but it doesn’t mean we have to give up on style and elegance. A good use of light can transform a place and you can use that to your advantage. Besides utilizing all the natural light you have in your bathroom, consider adding more light fixtures in different corners so you can put focus on certain elements, such as built-in shelves with your toiletries or a piece of wall art.

Sconces on both sides of your vanity mirror will help you in your daily beauty routine and a vintage chandelier over the tub will surely add a lot of elegance and charm to the space.

When designing a luxurious bathroom, the focus is on purposefully incorporating elements that speak luxury and elegance to you. Whether you’re completely redoing the whole bathroom or just sprucing it up in its existing form, using ideas listed here, you’ll be able to create an elegant and stylish retreat.

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