4 Benefits of Investing in a Bespoke Cold Room for Your Commercial Kitchen

For smaller kitchens that seem like almost an afterthought compared to the front dining area, refrigeration and freezer storage is always difficult. Usually, the staff struggle along with a couple of older standing fridge/freezer units which are designed for commercial kitchens but don’t have nearly enough capacity. This is because even kitchens with smaller dimensions usually still have a high production output due to increased efficiency.

For mid-sized and larger kitchens or restaurants that are going through a refit, then it’s worth reconsidering refrigeration and sub-zero options to store fresh and frozen produce better.

In this article, we cover four of the benefits to investing in a bespoke cold room for your commercial kitchen.

1. Expanded Storage Capacity

With bespoke cold rooms from a supplier like Fridge Freezer Direct, chefs benefit from a much larger space to store fresh ingredients to use at a later time.

Larger orders can be placed to get discounts for ingredients and popular meats that sell out quickly. This avoids the waiter or waitress having to repeatedly inform dinner guests that a dish is not available, and the restaurant appearing disorganised in the process. This potentially can lose repeat customers too.

2. Build to Order with Custom Dimensions

A cold room can be constructed to specific dimensions that fit perfectly into the space available. Doing so takes advantage of every centimetre of space to create a self-contained room that fits more shelving and storage containers while still having the space to move around inside.

This compares to other storage options that get slotted in leaving much wasted space. Few commercial kitchens are large enough, so space is typically at a premium.

3. Better Organisation with a Walk-in Cold Room

Rather than trying to squeeze the latest purchases into overcrowded fridge/freezer units where kitchen staff cannot see what’s at the back without removing items at the front, a walk-in provides far greater visibility.

Each storage shelf can be visually inspected from one level to the next. Also, items at the back are visible too, and easily within reach. This makes stock checks for reordering much quicker and more accurate.

4. Increased Produce Visibility

Due to the openness and better visibility of cold storage rooms, ingredients can be prioritised to avoid items going past their sell-by date. This stops produce being forgotten at the back until it’s gone off, so there’s far less wasted inventory.

Chefs can create a daily special based on ideas they generate from looking at what food items they have more of and by getting creative. This helps give diners something new to enjoy and challenges the chef to show their flare and creativity whilst simultaneously avoiding excess inventory going unused.

A bespoke cold room offers many benefits to busy kitchens that require more storage for produce. If you ask the kitchen staff, a lack of storage space is probably a major pain point in their job. When reconfiguring your kitchen, consider whether it would be an appropriate time to look into it more.

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