4 Beautiful Surprise Gifts for Your Son Who Stays in a Hostel

You must be remembering fondly that day when you admitted your son to a school away from home and he was all teary-eyed to enter the hostel. But now after a few years, he has adjusted well and has become more responsible for everything he does. There is a certain discipline in his lifestyle now and that’s really praiseworthy. On the other hand, he has also formed some great friendships. He would always treasure the days spent in the hostel and would always share a special connection with these friends. Here are some surprise gift ideas for your son on various occasions which he would simply love:

Cake delivery for birthday:

A birthday is definitely the most thrilling day of life. Generally, in hostels, the wardens are very strict but the students always have a way out to celebrate a friend’s birthday. Getting a midnight cake delivery in hostel may not be possible but you can arrange for a cake delivery during daytime and make him happy. Get a photo cake for him this time and celebrate his birthday even from a distance. On this day, he must be missing home a lot and this cake delivery from family members would make his day a brighter one.

A Day out on a weekend:

If you are missing him, pay a sudden visit to him and ask for permission to go out from the principal. He would feel good spending a day out with his family members. Buy his favorite ice-cream, take him to his favorite restaurant, or go for a small picnic nearby along with some of his friends.

Rakhi Tying during Raksha Bandhan:

When the school is off only for a day, crossing such a long distance and returning home might not be possible. So, for the occasion of Raksha Bandhan, go to your brother carrying a lovely rakhi along with the favorite cake for your brother. You may pack some sweet items made by your mom or grandma and make this festival a joyous one for him. You may also get a ravishing designer birthday cake for him.

Books before Summer Vacation Holidays:

As usual, you must have planned for power-packed summer holidays when he returns home and booked your tickets as well. So, send him a book on the place that you would be taking him and this would help him to prepare himself for the fun trip. Knowing a place through the pages of books before traveling is always an added advantage as you know the weather, food habits, and culture of the local people.

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